June 25, 2010

Deck Set

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New at Catts Creations is this beautiful deck set.  The set comes with 2 chairs and a low table. The chairs have 3 poses each in them and are suitable for male or female use. The table has a custom made marquetry inlay and although the clear varnish is showing signs of weathering is still a unique and beautiful piece.  Mostly sculpts so it only comes to 17 prims!  Copy/Mod

Available at  my store and  xStreetSL.  If you stop by the store this weekend ONLY (6/25 – 6/27) it is selling at 60$L  after that the price goes up to 150$L.


May 29, 2010

Wow two posts in one day!

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Thats definitely a record – lol.  I have been busy today and you reap the benefits!  I’ve had the cottage finished for some time and just havent had the chance to box it all up for sale but its ready now.  This beautiful cottage has a 33 x 17 foot print and uses 83 prims – 44 prims in the cottage itself and 39 in the garden.

Outside features include

  • animated bird bath
  • pergola
  • rose covered lattice

Inside features include
central controller for –

  • fireplace on/off
  • window shutters open/close
  • 2 wall colour options

It is only available on xStreetSL as a package including the cottage and garden ($L850) but you can get it at my store as just the cottage without the garden ($L500).  If you purchased the cottage a few weeks ago as a part of the 60L weekend sale I have also put out the garden alone to purchase ($L350).

And another

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Yup chime number 2!  At this rate I’ll have all my chimes replaced by ohhh … xmas sometime – lol.  These are the copper chimes and despite playing with sculpties I ended up using all prims.  The sculpts just didn’t work for me.  I like the slight  movement in the wind that flexi prims get and I couldn’t achieve this effect with sculpts.  So its a little prim heavy weighing in at 18 prims but well worth it I think 🙂

The new windchime is available at  my store and  xStreetSL.

May 23, 2010


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The first thing I ever created in SL was my range of windchimes.  I wanted to make something that was fun without killing your prim count.  But as time went by they got dated and it became time to start replacing them.  So its not 1 prim any more 🙂 but at 12 prims its not going to kill the prim budget (I hope!)  So the first remake is the bamboo windchimes.  Here’s hoping its just the start many more to come!

The new windchime is available at my store and  xStreetSL.

April 24, 2010

Isnt it cute!

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I made me a bird bath and it was soooo cute I had to offer it for sale!  The birds move about the bird bath occasionally chirping their happiness. The piece is copy/mod, only 9 prims (!) and sells for $L100.

Available at my store or from xStreetSL

March 27, 2010

Couple of little things

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I’m working on a new skybox and a new cottage (yes at the same time, no neither is going very fast lol) and a couple of the pieces I’ve made for each build are quite nice in their own right.  So of course I’ve set them up for sale 🙂

First is the towel stand, a nice little piece suitable for the bathroom or by the pool.  Its 19 prims and copy/mod

Next I’ve also put out a wisteria covered pergola.  This build uses sculpts and is 11 prims, also copy/mod.

Both are available at my store or at xStreetSL.

XStreet links – Towel stand, Wisteria Pergola

Store – http://slurl.com/secondlife/Portabello/228/38/698

November 10, 2009

Lest we forget

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October 31, 2009

Branching out

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So I’ve done something new and definitely different for me!  I built a skybox.  No its true!  You can even buy it if you want, been told its seriously cute.  You’ll love it 🙂  And I loved it.  Took me weeks and weeks to do but I already have ideas for two more builds.  SL is almost exciting again, now if only RL would actually give me time to indulge.  Ahh well as time permits there will be more.

So now for the sales pitch …

The new Rainforest Skybox from Catt’s Creations!

199 prims
40×40 footprint

Subtle atmospheric sounds throughout that can be manually turned on and off
Rez platform for easy sky placement

The skybox includes a hut, waterfall cave, swing and outdoor firepit.  The massive waterfall and ponds are definitely the focal point of this amazing rainforest hide-a-way, but there is still ample living space.  Hang out on the meditation rock, float in the pond or laze about on the swing.  Bring some friends over to chat around the fire!  The hut has bamboo shades that can be raised or lowered so you don’t even need to make the bed before your friends arrive, just drop the shades!

September 5, 2009

Unbelieveable I added something new!

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Amazingly I actually added something new at Catt’s Creations, I guess its impossible to totally stay away 🙂

Its definitely something different for me but it was  fun and a nice way to put my toes back in the water so to speak 🙂

Injury Pack

Catt's Creations Injury Pack

As you can see it has a lot in it! Not actually listed in the add is the fact that the upper body injuries includes the option with a field bandage on the back and without.  Also the arm bandages come as a bloodied option and a clean option.

I have a little store in SL at the moment and it can be found at the store or as usual its listed on SLX

September 21, 2008

Just wow

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OMG it has been an awesome day. I was pretty sure that by the time came for me to go to bed I would be feeling pretty down and emotional knowing that tomorrow it was all coming to a final end. I cannot thank everyone enough who stopped by and took the time to chat and wish me luck. You are all amazing people! 😀

The store is still up and the sale, of course, will continue until the store is gone. I wont be in world before about 10am SL time tomorrow morning so if you missed grabbing something today you still have a few hours! Well actually I guess that’s almost 12 hours – lol – but you know what I mean.

Thank you again for making today something special instead of something sad.

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