September 24, 2006

New Store Built

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Well the new store build is complete and I am working on putting all my inventory out again, and man isnt that one hell of a job!  The store is open now so I have the new piece available for sale


If I do manage to get the store finished I’m going to be working on some swimsuits.  Yes I know summer is basically over and the winter fashions are coming out but in SL it doesnt have to be winter and I feel like making swimsuits!  🙂

I’ve taken some pics but this place is big, it can best be appreciated by visiting 🙂  Clicking on each thumbnail will display the larger image, and for each shot I included a night and day view.

In store view

snapshot_001.jpg  snapshot_002.jpg

Front view

snapshot_003.jpg   snapshot_004.jpg


September 17, 2006

New Store…..eventually

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So my darling husband decided that my store design was just way too boring and pulled it down to make a new one – lol.  This means unfortunately that my designs are only available on the e-commerce sites at the moment and the few mall spots I have.  But fear not, I’m hoping he has it done by the end of this weekend.

As a teaser I have one new piece that will go up as soon as the store is done.  Its a casual piece and I love the colours I’ve chosen, in particular for the pants 🙂


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September 12, 2006

New release tonight

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Although I may be burning the midnight oil I just had to get this one out today.  Its called Elisse…hmmm not even sure why thats just what came to mind as I was making it.  But I love it! Its definitely the best I’ve done so far and hopefully I can keep this level of quality up because in my not so humble opinion its awesome ::laughs::

I give you…….Elisse


Click picture to see a larger view

Vida Magnifica

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This Saturday, the 16th, at 7pm SL time Sammy Barret is hosting a fashion show at DeShadow Isle.  Why do I tell you this?  Because its going to be big, huge even, THE fashion event of the year!  And also I have some outfits in the show as well.  Now you see why its going to be huge right? ::laughs::

But jokes aside it is going to be a marvelous evening.  PajVar Kerensky has built an incredible catwalk and there is even going to be a party afterwards in a custom built club area.  And that has to be seen to be believed!

Sammy has requested that all scripted items be removed before arriving and I’m thinking this is going to be large enough that you may want to come a little bit early to avoid being locked out because the sim is full.

There are 10 designers showcased in this event, me :), Draconic Kiss, Luminosity, Freak Fantasia Fashions, Extraordinaire, SF Designs, Nymphetamine Boutique, Callie Cline, Ayana’s Designs, and Nicky Ree’s Boutique. 

So come on out and see some of the latest designs, party a little, and generally have a great evening.  I know I will be 🙂

Oh and Vida Magnifica?  It means gorgeous life, and couldnt be more appropriately named!

September 8, 2006

Where is SL going?

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I blog hop, I admit it, I wander all about the web looking for SL designer’s blogs and generally enjoy see the new stuff online rather than hunting for it in world.  Then I found fashionplanet.  Its a blog hoppers dream come true.  All the fashion blogs with RSS feeds are syndicated there.  One spot, alll the blogs <drools>.  But I was in for a shock when I got there today.  Two posts, from two very well known and respected designers sat one above the other, and because of their proximity seemed to bring a cloud of doom or at the very least gloom.

Ink Slingers being seriously harrassed by griefers and are asking for assistance from their customers to file AR reports if they are griefed in the Ink Slingers stores. And in the next post down we see Torrid Midnight is leaving SL because of the victimisation she has received lately, well she is taking a break and does not know if she will be back. 

This is nothing new in recent times.  We have had so many designers forced out of SL or had their textures ripped off or been harassed or …….  well you get the picture.

The common response is to blame the new free accounts.  After all things weren’t this bad before then right? Hmmmm well hysteria always needs a scapegoat and they are as convenient as any other option, so yeah sure it’s all their fault!  And as I see it, it is to a certain extent.  But not in the way that most people are viewing it.

Small communities, where everyone knows each other at least casually, tends to police themselves.  Even in a world of anonymity like SL, there is still an element of “what will the others do if I’m caught doing…”.  As communities become larger and larger, basic human nature beings to assert itself more forcefully.  Who cares what others think.  The place is big enough that I can loose myself in the crowd if needs be.  And with so much more competition for the Linden Dollar it very much becomes a case of every man for himself (or woman, you know what I mean). 

So indirectly the free accounts are partially responsible, if only for growing the community to such a size that this phenomenon will rear its ugly head.

The answer?  <shrugs> I have no idea. Hell real life hasn’t found an answer to that yet, what makes you think Linden Labs will?

For me, I doubt it will ever be a problem. I am unlikely ever to make enough $L or become high profile enough to draw the attention of these people.  But I feel for those who are.  I offer no solutions, I have made my peace with the nature of Man and will plod along as normal.  But I do ask that you take a moment to look at your place in SL and ask yourself… what direction am I helping SL to take?  Lets at least try to leave the “whats in it for me” option unchecked.

September 7, 2006

Blog recreation

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The sad story of my original blog has been documented under the admin entries if you want to read all about it, but the short answer is, it broke.  I had hoped to be able to export my old one and import it to here, but that apparently would have been too easy because, of course, it didnt work.  So the long, laborious procedure begins yet again.  I have just finished the Casual Wear page, and over time the others will slowly follow.  I wish to emphasis here the phrases “over time” and “slowly”, so no yelling at me because I”m taking too long 🙂

September 4, 2006

Elegant not formal

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Todays release is a simple dress, but elegant in its simplicity.  For those weddings or slightly formal evenings where you dont want to wear a dress so big it takes up the entire room 🙂  I think it speaks for itself so enough from me.

Blue Moon

click on the thumbnail for a larger image

September 2, 2006

Lucky for you I’m impatient

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Approximately 5 hours ago I set up this new blog, and made a post saying that my new items would be updated after I had imported everything from the old blog.  ::points below::

Well I released this piece today and by god I’m going to blog about it today 🙂

When I had finished this outfit I thought it had a faint Egyptian feel to it, not that I had aimed for that but hey it worked.  So, as one is wont to do, I went web surfing to try and find just the right Egyptian goddess to name it after.  Next time I’m not just going to look at the first web site I hit!  The name I chose was Qetesh, supposedly the goddess of love and beauty.  Well someone pointed me to the wiki entry for Qetesh and I promise I didn’t know she was all about sex when I picked the name!!!

::laughs::  regardless I really like this one, I’m thinking it probably the best outfit I’ve done to date.

Qetesh pants set

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And the winner is….

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I have decided Lucky Chairs are cool!  There is now one in my store and there is obviously a large contingent of people who chase these chairs because it has been giving out its prize about twice a day.  Imagine that!

Lucky Chair PrizeThe prize is available only from the chair, and is no transfer so if you are lucky enough to get one you can honestly say you got a Catt’s Creations exclusive outfit for free 🙂

September 1, 2006

What are we doing here?

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So I had a blog.  Pretty it was too. It did its work without complaining, we spent many, many hours together till I had the story of my entire inventory laid out in its pages.  Then our server died.  A very expensive server……mere days out of warranty (who would have guessed!)  It was resurrected and my blog and I caught up on all the time we had missed together.  Then the server’s network card died.  Did I mention it was a very expensive server mere days out of warranty?  But network cards are easy to replace so soon my blog and I were again catching up on missing time.  Then……..

Can we see a pattern here?

Convinced that the server wishes only to make my life a total misery I have decided to move my blog somewhere else.  Somewhere where a difficult server is not my problem.  Somewhere where they have more money and can afford to rebuild servers every couple of days.  Somewhere like…..oh here perhaps?  🙂

I am going to turn on the monster machine this weekend and export my old blog, which thankfully I used wordpress for, and import it to here.  If all goes well everything should be up and running on Monday.  If all does not go well (was that a bell I heard tolling in the distance?) I will have to slowly and painstakingly recreate all the blog pages. ::wimpers::

So watch this spot and as a reward I will have a brand new outfit to show you when I’m done.  😀