September 1, 2006

What are we doing here?

Posted in Admin at 9:46 pm by Catt

So I had a blog.  Pretty it was too. It did its work without complaining, we spent many, many hours together till I had the story of my entire inventory laid out in its pages.  Then our server died.  A very expensive server……mere days out of warranty (who would have guessed!)  It was resurrected and my blog and I caught up on all the time we had missed together.  Then the server’s network card died.  Did I mention it was a very expensive server mere days out of warranty?  But network cards are easy to replace so soon my blog and I were again catching up on missing time.  Then……..

Can we see a pattern here?

Convinced that the server wishes only to make my life a total misery I have decided to move my blog somewhere else.  Somewhere where a difficult server is not my problem.  Somewhere where they have more money and can afford to rebuild servers every couple of days.  Somewhere like…..oh here perhaps?  🙂

I am going to turn on the monster machine this weekend and export my old blog, which thankfully I used wordpress for, and import it to here.  If all goes well everything should be up and running on Monday.  If all does not go well (was that a bell I heard tolling in the distance?) I will have to slowly and painstakingly recreate all the blog pages. ::wimpers::

So watch this spot and as a reward I will have a brand new outfit to show you when I’m done.  😀


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