September 2, 2006

Lucky for you I’m impatient

Posted in Casual Wear, Club Wear at 9:17 pm by Catt

Approximately 5 hours ago I set up this new blog, and made a post saying that my new items would be updated after I had imported everything from the old blog.  ::points below::

Well I released this piece today and by god I’m going to blog about it today 🙂

When I had finished this outfit I thought it had a faint Egyptian feel to it, not that I had aimed for that but hey it worked.  So, as one is wont to do, I went web surfing to try and find just the right Egyptian goddess to name it after.  Next time I’m not just going to look at the first web site I hit!  The name I chose was Qetesh, supposedly the goddess of love and beauty.  Well someone pointed me to the wiki entry for Qetesh and I promise I didn’t know she was all about sex when I picked the name!!!

::laughs::  regardless I really like this one, I’m thinking it probably the best outfit I’ve done to date.

Qetesh pants set

click on the thumbnail for a larger image


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