September 8, 2006

Where is SL going?

Posted in Catt's Ramblings at 5:40 pm by Catt

I blog hop, I admit it, I wander all about the web looking for SL designer’s blogs and generally enjoy see the new stuff online rather than hunting for it in world.  Then I found fashionplanet.  Its a blog hoppers dream come true.  All the fashion blogs with RSS feeds are syndicated there.  One spot, alll the blogs <drools>.  But I was in for a shock when I got there today.  Two posts, from two very well known and respected designers sat one above the other, and because of their proximity seemed to bring a cloud of doom or at the very least gloom.

Ink Slingers being seriously harrassed by griefers and are asking for assistance from their customers to file AR reports if they are griefed in the Ink Slingers stores. And in the next post down we see Torrid Midnight is leaving SL because of the victimisation she has received lately, well she is taking a break and does not know if she will be back. 

This is nothing new in recent times.  We have had so many designers forced out of SL or had their textures ripped off or been harassed or …….  well you get the picture.

The common response is to blame the new free accounts.  After all things weren’t this bad before then right? Hmmmm well hysteria always needs a scapegoat and they are as convenient as any other option, so yeah sure it’s all their fault!  And as I see it, it is to a certain extent.  But not in the way that most people are viewing it.

Small communities, where everyone knows each other at least casually, tends to police themselves.  Even in a world of anonymity like SL, there is still an element of “what will the others do if I’m caught doing…”.  As communities become larger and larger, basic human nature beings to assert itself more forcefully.  Who cares what others think.  The place is big enough that I can loose myself in the crowd if needs be.  And with so much more competition for the Linden Dollar it very much becomes a case of every man for himself (or woman, you know what I mean). 

So indirectly the free accounts are partially responsible, if only for growing the community to such a size that this phenomenon will rear its ugly head.

The answer?  <shrugs> I have no idea. Hell real life hasn’t found an answer to that yet, what makes you think Linden Labs will?

For me, I doubt it will ever be a problem. I am unlikely ever to make enough $L or become high profile enough to draw the attention of these people.  But I feel for those who are.  I offer no solutions, I have made my peace with the nature of Man and will plod along as normal.  But I do ask that you take a moment to look at your place in SL and ask yourself… what direction am I helping SL to take?  Lets at least try to leave the “whats in it for me” option unchecked.


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