September 12, 2006

Vida Magnifica

Posted in Catt's Ramblings at 5:54 pm by Catt

This Saturday, the 16th, at 7pm SL time Sammy Barret is hosting a fashion show at DeShadow Isle.  Why do I tell you this?  Because its going to be big, huge even, THE fashion event of the year!  And also I have some outfits in the show as well.  Now you see why its going to be huge right? ::laughs::

But jokes aside it is going to be a marvelous evening.  PajVar Kerensky has built an incredible catwalk and there is even going to be a party afterwards in a custom built club area.  And that has to be seen to be believed!

Sammy has requested that all scripted items be removed before arriving and I’m thinking this is going to be large enough that you may want to come a little bit early to avoid being locked out because the sim is full.

There are 10 designers showcased in this event, me :), Draconic Kiss, Luminosity, Freak Fantasia Fashions, Extraordinaire, SF Designs, Nymphetamine Boutique, Callie Cline, Ayana’s Designs, and Nicky Ree’s Boutique. 

So come on out and see some of the latest designs, party a little, and generally have a great evening.  I know I will be 🙂

Oh and Vida Magnifica?  It means gorgeous life, and couldnt be more appropriately named!


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