October 13, 2006

Say what?

Posted in Silks at 10:38 pm by Catt

yes its true, I made something not only with prims in it but ::gasp:: flexi prims! And to my utter amazement it actually turned out rather well. Truth be told tho, it wasnt what I was planning to make, but ummm I couldnt make what I wanted to work and this did, so here you go 🙂 I dont think I’m going to become the next big prim dress queen, but I might be able to do a few more and they do say practice makes perfect.

Still prims dont like me and I dont like prims, so I think the fashion leaders are quite safe from my little attempts.

Oh, I suppose you actually want to know what it was I made then? ::grins:: I made silks! Yes, Yes, you can stop groaning now. Just look at the pics and be wowed 🙂  As usual clicking on the little pictures will give you big pictures, neat the way that works huh.

512tiedblack.jpg 512tiedblue.jpg

512tiedgreen.jpg 512tiedpurp.jpg

512tiedred.jpg 512tiedwhite.jpg


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