October 28, 2006

To be rich or to be true

Posted in Catt's Ramblings at 4:45 pm by Catt

Ciera from Vitamin Ci writes in her blog that she had found herself falling into the trap of making her clothing to suit the larger audience rather than being true to her original vision for her line. Her comments struck a cord with me as well. There is no denying that slutwear sells best. The shorter the skirt & top, the lower the pants, the better it sells. Strange as it may seem, the less material the more you can charge.

There have been times when the rent for the island comes due when I wonder why I am sticking to my principles. Why should I not make slutwear and cover my costs? Hell is it such a crime to make a profit?!?!? And yes some of my line is slutwear, there is no doubt about that. But I like to think that my lastest work, my best work so far, has not strayed down that profit for profit sake path.

Covering the rent would be nice, making a profit would be even nicer, but just seeing ppl like my clothing is the reward I’m after. My clothing. Not whats popular but what I make. This is why I design.

Some days its hard, some days its tempting to say “what the hell” and just make the damned stuff. But I hope to be able to stay true to my design style. Time will tell, and hey, it may even end up being profitable if I’m lucky!


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  1. […] The other day Ciera Bergman of Vitamin Ci wrote a provocative post on her blog, which got me (and at least one other person) thinking. Do Second Life designers have to sell sex in order to sell clothes? Ciera writes, I remember when I first started Vitamin Ci…it was to cater to those people. The people who wanted more clothes on than not…Sure, the quality of my designs have gotten better, but my skirts have gotten shorter, tops skimpier, and pants as low as they can go. Why? Because I started to cater to the bigger crowd, [instead of] the crowd my line was intended for. […]

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