October 30, 2006

Probably wont be up till tomorrow….

Posted in Casual Wear at 1:10 am by Catt

but you lucky viewers, and yes I know you are out there somewhere, get to see a preview tonight! I have 2 new pieces going up probably tomorrow night, Hot Apple Cider and Martini Grove.

512cider.jpg 512martinit.jpg

I have also created a few alts. Shocking isnt it! However it is for a good cause. They spend all day in my store standing on pose stands as maniquin’s. Problem I’ve always had is that the pictures of clothing never actually matches what you buy. So these georgous alts wear my new releases for people to actually see what they are buying. Smart huh? 😀

I’m also working on a new section of my store, called “separates”. Some of my outfits, like the two new releases, can be worn or sold as separate pieces. So I decided to offer them that way. Like the pants but hate the sweater….well just buy the pants!

Also in the works is setting up separate vendors for all of my outfits with copy/mod permissions. At the moment everything I sell is mod/trans, but I know some people prefer to buy as copy/mod and I want to give them that option. It’ll be a while though because its no small job, but its going…and going…and going…ahh well who needs sleep anyway.


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