November 27, 2006


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So I’m sitting here at my RL work and decide to fill in a few minutes checking my email. You will never guess what I found ::sobs:: it was horrible, truely truely horrible.  All of my store, each and every piece of it, including sale boxes, had been returned to my inventory!  But thats not all.  I had all of my JEVN servers in a nice little skybox above my store and they also got returned.  Tonight when I get home is going to be verrrry interesting. God help whoever was responsible!

But on a brighter note 🙂 The club has just been a blast!  We’ve got a web page (well really a blog 🙂 ) up for it now and you just have to go visit,  The Parthenon Club.  Its going to take a while to get the word out I think.  SL is just not used to clubs that dont have escorts or some kind of sex for sale, let alone clubs that are lag free, and dont have money balls/raffles balls or camping chairs!  But once they visit we just cant get rid of them!  lol Actually its been really encouraging seeing the same people come back night after night because they enjoy the place so much

The unfortunate thing about spending so much time on the club is the fact that I havent had much time to work on clothing.  This time of the year that is a baaaad thing.  I do have something ready for sale, just need to take the pics and make up the sale posters.  I would like to take this opportunity to point out that in some cases it takes longer to do that than make the clothing in the first place!!

I loved the tops I put on my lastest set of silks (peek-a-boo, you can see them on the silks page or the earlier post) and decided that they were just too good to not use again 🙂  I’ve made a whole set of lingerie pieces based around that top.  I’ll show you as soon as I’ve taken those blasted pictures which of course now I have to rebuild my store, may take a little while.


November 19, 2006

Man its been busy!

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Well the Parthenon is open and running, its been an insane week but its been fun!! Who knew there was so much work in keeping a club running? I figured it’d be insane to get everything ready for opening but it hasnt slowed down yet!

Despite that I managed to get some new flexi silks done. And I would like to take this opportunity to let you know, that unless someone starts doing the primage for me – this is the last time I’m making prim clothing! Man I hate it, I hate prims, they hate me and we cant settle our differences enough to work well together 🙂

What I have decided to do in my store is to take a page out of the hair sellers book. I have one large picture up showing the outfit and colour swatches below it where you purchase the colour you want. With silks you have so many colours of the same piece it was taking up way too much room. Obviously I’m going to have to take the pics for my vendors, SLX, SLB etc but for now I only have the one pic so these silks are only available in my main store.

The pack includes both solid and transparent and is available in black, white, blue, green, red, purple, brown and pink.  The full range can be seen on the silks page.


November 5, 2006

New this week and a question for you all

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I have finished one set of outfits and are working on another but its unlikely that I will get it finished. Exciting things happening on the island this week! But first, the new outfits. Three sweater choices on the same set of cordroy pants or the complete pack. I’m not sure why I have this thing for sweaters at the moment – probably the weather but I’ve rarely bothered with that in the past. Whatever the reason until I get sick of it, I hope you like sweaters – lol.

512clouds.jpg 512fall.jpg
512sky.jpg 512series.jpg

Now for the question part I mentioned in the title. I’m not entirely happy with the way these sales pics turned out. The problem is I cant say why. Now the big question is do YOU like them. Does the pics give you sufficient details to decide if you like the outfit or not? Let me know, its the burning question in my life right now 🙂

And now the exciting stuff 😀 Deshadow Isle is opening a club! Yes yes I know, Sl has more clubs than one can count and yes they are mostly lag whores that drive other sim residents insane. We would like to think that we can do better. I have no doubt everyone thinks that but we have had experience in running a club in the past so our hopes are high.

The Pathenon will not have escorts, will have limited lag causing lights etc, has very few textures, but those are used (I think) artfully and some very talented staff.

Now I could rant and rave here about the way that we are different to the crowd, but it would take up space in a blog that about fashion. So as soon as the clubs blog is up, I’ll point you there so you can listen to me rant and rave in a more appropriate place 🙂