November 5, 2006

New this week and a question for you all

Posted in Casual Wear, Catt's Ramblings at 8:23 pm by Catt

I have finished one set of outfits and are working on another but its unlikely that I will get it finished. Exciting things happening on the island this week! But first, the new outfits. Three sweater choices on the same set of cordroy pants or the complete pack. I’m not sure why I have this thing for sweaters at the moment – probably the weather but I’ve rarely bothered with that in the past. Whatever the reason until I get sick of it, I hope you like sweaters – lol.

512clouds.jpg 512fall.jpg
512sky.jpg 512series.jpg

Now for the question part I mentioned in the title. I’m not entirely happy with the way these sales pics turned out. The problem is I cant say why. Now the big question is do YOU like them. Does the pics give you sufficient details to decide if you like the outfit or not? Let me know, its the burning question in my life right now 🙂

And now the exciting stuff 😀 Deshadow Isle is opening a club! Yes yes I know, Sl has more clubs than one can count and yes they are mostly lag whores that drive other sim residents insane. We would like to think that we can do better. I have no doubt everyone thinks that but we have had experience in running a club in the past so our hopes are high.

The Pathenon will not have escorts, will have limited lag causing lights etc, has very few textures, but those are used (I think) artfully and some very talented staff.

Now I could rant and rave here about the way that we are different to the crowd, but it would take up space in a blog that about fashion. So as soon as the clubs blog is up, I’ll point you there so you can listen to me rant and rave in a more appropriate place 🙂


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