November 19, 2006

Man its been busy!

Posted in Silks at 5:49 pm by Catt

Well the Parthenon is open and running, its been an insane week but its been fun!! Who knew there was so much work in keeping a club running? I figured it’d be insane to get everything ready for opening but it hasnt slowed down yet!

Despite that I managed to get some new flexi silks done. And I would like to take this opportunity to let you know, that unless someone starts doing the primage for me – this is the last time I’m making prim clothing! Man I hate it, I hate prims, they hate me and we cant settle our differences enough to work well together 🙂

What I have decided to do in my store is to take a page out of the hair sellers book. I have one large picture up showing the outfit and colour swatches below it where you purchase the colour you want. With silks you have so many colours of the same piece it was taking up way too much room. Obviously I’m going to have to take the pics for my vendors, SLX, SLB etc but for now I only have the one pic so these silks are only available in my main store.

The pack includes both solid and transparent and is available in black, white, blue, green, red, purple, brown and pink.  The full range can be seen on the silks page.



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