December 31, 2006

New Release

Posted in Club Wear at 5:33 am by Catt

So its out 🙂 I’ve called this little piece Shanghai Spirit. As you can see it comes in 4 colours and as usual with each new piece I happen to think its my best so far – lol.

But I have a problem. I just can’t get the sales posters to look as good as the actual product. Which is quite funny if you think about it as most buyers complain that the final product is never as good as the pictures. And I have no idea how to classify this set. Is it club wear? Evening? Lingerie? I dont think it belongs in casual wear.

All that aside, each set includes a bodysuit on both the shirt/undershirt layer, the pants and two pairs of stockings. One pure black and the other with matching colour tops.

So here it is….. Shanghai Spirit.




December 28, 2006

Oh good grief

Posted in Catt's Ramblings at 12:45 pm by Catt

So I finally get online last night and I get the old IM’s have been capped message.  But. But, I’ve not had any IMs in my email!  And what do you know, my preferences don’t have send IMs to email checked.  It is starting to annoy me a little that that option gets unchecked after each update and you can be assured that I’m going to log a bug report tonight!  What this does mean of course is that a lot of ppl sent me IM’s and I didn’t get them.  So if you did, IM me again!!

December 19, 2006

xmas and lost SL access

Posted in Catt's Ramblings at 10:41 pm by Catt

So I live in Seattle and if you are in the US and watch any kind of news you know that Seattle got hit by the biggest storm since 1993. Over a million people lost power, myself one of them of course, and 6 days later about half of those people still do not have power.

I may or may not, have no idea, it got so damned cold in Seattle without heat, we left early for our xmas destination. So I was offline for 4 days and then we left on vacation. No big panic, we have access to a computer. Sure its a Mac but it will still run SL right? Wrong. It does not meet the minimum requirements. Bah. So I am out of SL until we get back from vacation, Dec 27th. Leave me an IM if you need to get to me. It does go to email and I can get email. But if you need assistance in-world…..sorry can’t help you 😦

And the worse part? I had just finished another outfit and was going to release it on Friday, you know the day after the storm hit. Oh well, New Year I guess.

December 5, 2006

Going to make this quick

Posted in Lingerie at 1:27 am by Catt

Because it got awefully late somehow without me noticing! I have put the new lingerie line up in my store this evening. Its called Peek-a-boo, comes in both solid and transparent in each pack and is also on both layers so its tattoo friendly.

Lets see, 8 colours, brown, blue, black, red, pink, green, white and purple. I’ve just included the pink version here for you.


I have a pack of all 8 colours in the mob vendor, which I will make another post about when I dont feel as if I’m going to fall asleep on my keyboard- lol.

December 3, 2006

Well thats done

Posted in Catt's Ramblings at 3:40 am by Catt

The store is back up and my inventory is back out. That was not the most existing job in the world let me tell you! SL itself did not help matters at all by 1. being as buggy as hell since the release, and 2. returning my old store as 5 separate pieces called “object”. I was convinced the whole thing had gone missing and I was going to have to start from scratch again – lol.

But its done. Finally. Thank the Lord!!

Now I have a new lingerie line, with 8 new colours in it and 3 different views for the sales posters that I need to shoot and get ready ::sighs::