December 19, 2006

xmas and lost SL access

Posted in Catt's Ramblings at 10:41 pm by Catt

So I live in Seattle and if you are in the US and watch any kind of news you know that Seattle got hit by the biggest storm since 1993. Over a million people lost power, myself one of them of course, and 6 days later about half of those people still do not have power.

I may or may not, have no idea, it got so damned cold in Seattle without heat, we left early for our xmas destination. So I was offline for 4 days and then we left on vacation. No big panic, we have access to a computer. Sure its a Mac but it will still run SL right? Wrong. It does not meet the minimum requirements. Bah. So I am out of SL until we get back from vacation, Dec 27th. Leave me an IM if you need to get to me. It does go to email and I can get email. But if you need assistance in-world…..sorry can’t help you 😦

And the worse part? I had just finished another outfit and was going to release it on Friday, you know the day after the storm hit. Oh well, New Year I guess.



  1. chrisfiore5 said,

    just a random hit, cattrina… sorry to hear about your power loss. hope you have a happy holiday in spite of it all. peace.

  2. Catt said,

    Thanks Chris! I hope xmas was great for you as well.

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