January 17, 2007

Been a while

Posted in Catt's Ramblings at 1:55 pm by Catt

It has been a while since I posted and there’s a few things I want to cover today.  Unfortunately that doesn’t include a new release but I am working on something so hopefully this weekend – yeah!

Which brings me to why there are no new releases.  Well part of it is that I have finally managed to convince my darling husband to sell prefabs.  He is an amazing builder but his texturising definitely needs a little help – lol.  Which of course is where I come in.   And to be honest it has been a lot of fun.  All of the textures we’ve used on the houses are hand made by your’s truly and that’s definitely been a different type of challenge.  It’s done a lot to teach me about how lighting and 3d works on a 2d surface tho!

But honestly the largest part of why I haven’t done anything new is I simply lack the inspiration.  I lack a certain amount of cohesiveness in my available products because in the past I’ve always just created whatever took my fancy at the time, and up until now that’s worked really well for me.  Hard work isn’t hard work if its something that you want to do 🙂

So at the moment I’m waiting for inspiration to hit again and fiddling with some cute little sweaters that are definitely NOT my normal style but I think they are coming together…… at least as soon as I get the knitted texture look to work.

But wait there’s more!  😀

A few designers having been blogging recently about review copy policy.  What it basically summarises down to is “ask and I’ll probably give you a copy”.  Which is great, if your name is already out there, you have squillions of lindens already coming in and advertising is no longer your biggest concern. 

And then there’s us little people.  My problem is exactly the opposite.  I want to give you review copies, hell I’d be happy to give you my entire store inventory if you would just review a couple of things for me!  😀  My trouble is knowing who to send the reviews to.  I mean the people who run the fashion blogs don’t know me from a bar of soap.  And getting things dumped on you while you are offline is not only a pain in the butt but more likely to simply get lost in the clutter.

So I like to IM reviewers when they are online – which as I’m sure you are aware is not as easy as it sounds!  But what I really need is a definive list of who on each blog wants the review copies and how they prefer to receive them.  None of these blogs have just a single reviewer any more, so bottom line…. who the hell should I send this stuff too?!?!?

lol well there’s nothing more here to see now, move along  🙂

 Actually there is one more thing.  I’m pretty much a blog newb.  So subscribing to another blog is well in the realms of a confused “huh?”.  Actually no its not subscribing to another blog.  OK what I want to do is have http://fashionplanet.worldofsl.com/ subscribe to my blog.  Check it out if you’ve never been there – great resource.  Basically its most of the fashion blogs all on one page 🙂  But I have no idea how to get mine on there.  Anyone who has this blog stuff down let me know.  Pleasssssssse.  Worth a free shopping trip in my store … no limits!

ok now I’m done, you can move along again 🙂



  1. celebritytrollop said,

    Hi Catt

    Send an IM to Tao Takashi. He runs of the “World Of” blog aggregator thing

  2. Catt said,

    Woot! Thanks Celebrity!!

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