January 21, 2007

Its not my usual but….

Posted in Casual Wear at 2:05 pm by Catt

I must say its selling well. Ahh but you certainly wont know what yet, because I’ve been slack and had my new sweater up before I blogged about it. This one I have called anchored. I’m pretty sure that no-one would get my twisted humor when I named the thing so I added another sweater to the set with a little anchor logo above the breast so that it would make sense 🙂

I really have to take a moment to thanks Sensual Casanova right now for helping me to get these to the shelf. I had created the basic sweater and was struggling with liking it and hating it. All I could see was the flaws and I’d spent several hours changing the sweater texture and was about to throw it all out. Any designer knows that asking your friends for help is a waste of time in most cases. They just say they love it, they don’t see the flaws we do. So in desperation I started checking for known designers to find someone who was on-line. Sensual came up first and I sent her an IM. Not only did she not tell me to take a walk, she gave some good advice that helped tremendously! 😀

512anchored-black.jpg 512anchored-blue.jpg

512anchored-green.jpg 512anchored-orange.jpg

512anchored-purple.jpg 512anchored-red.jpg


Now don’t get me wrong, I like the sweater. But its definitely not my normal style and strays a little too close to slutware for my comfort. And its selling like hotcakes. So at the moment i have mixed feelings about this offering.  Ahh well, I’m off to update another of my pieces that sell well but honestly is totally crappy.


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