February 18, 2007

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So changing ones sleep schedule from working nights to working days is not as easy as it sounds! Ugg. Surprisingly it does wonderful things for the creative process. 😀 So instead of no releases like I expected I have three!

Given that its already Sunday I’ve decided to run a red spot sale for the entire week! This means that any of my items marked with a red spot will be 30% cheaper than normal!

First new release today is my take on the little black dress. Now I’ve said in the past and I’ll take the opportunity to repeat here 🙂 prims and I don’t play nice together. But I started thinking while working on this dress….. maybe I’m just too much of a perfectionist. Is the average buyer happy to have prims that don’t exactly match in colour, prims on dresses that come out of the butt instead of the waist, prims that fly up around your head when you walk! Black worked for me because it almost hides the prim location, but any other colour…. forget it, it looks horrible!

On that note ::laughs:: my little black dress.


I found the beginnings of a swimsuit design languishing on my hard drive that I decided just begged to be completed. And so it was, in 4 colours.

512blueswim.jpg 512greenswim.jpg

512orgswim.jpg 512pinkswim.jpg

I’ve teamed up with Skydive SL to produce their skydiving suits and added a few more to my line.

512bgbskysuit.jpg 512blackskysuit.jpg

512bpbskysuit.jpg 512brbskysuit.jpg

512pbpskysuit.jpg 512rwbskysuit.jpg


February 15, 2007

Life, the universe and everything

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RL has not been my friend for the last couple of weeks.  First I failed to avoid the flu that is going around and spent 5 days convinced I was dying. So strike that week out design wise.  Then my RL job became decidedly unpleasant with 10 hour days…er perhaps I should say nights as I was working from 8pm.  So there went another week.

The good news is, while I was absent from SL my wonderful husband rebuilt my store for me.  And it takes up a 1/4 of the sim!!  Its going to take me a while to fill this one!   In celebration of night shift ending, actually being able to breath again and a brand new store, this weekend I’m going to throw some kind of sale.  After all things are looking up for me and its only fair that I share the wealth 🙂

More details will follow, unfortunately there wont be a new release to go with it, but half price clothing is still fun right?