March 11, 2007


Posted in Casual Wear at 12:07 pm by Catt

So I’m working on a piece that started out as a new swimsuit design and I decided that it was wayyyy to cool and needed to be a dress, then I thought of those prims and changed my mind again and decided pants suit!

Then I couldn’t decide what type of material I wanted, spent hours trying different designs. Finally gave up in disgust and decided that it was going to be a swimsuit – lol.

In amongst the indecision I decided to take a break and make something less confusing 🙂 With St Paddy’s around the corner I decided to go with green and thus was born Wild Lime.


Yes its the system dress but I’ve included a little notecard that describes how to change your shape so that you don’t end up with the huge butt from hell 🙂

Edit:-I actually gave a copy of this dress to the fashion consolidated group as a freebie and it just occurred to me that I didn’t include the notecard in that box.  So if you want a copy of the notecard – give me a yell 🙂


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