March 23, 2007

Blog management “stuff”

Posted in Admin at 5:04 pm by Catt

So I noticed today that my % used of available space is starting to get a little high. So seems like I’m running out of space on the blog.  Something must be done!

I was looking at what could be cleaned out (or not 🙂 ) and I realised that I had never actually finished the clothing category pages I had started out with.  So those can go!  And some of them have a chunkload of pictures which I can delete as well. Or I could just host the pictures elsewhere and modify these pages so that I still have the information and the space.  oh the agony of decision.

The reason why I havent done either is that I also noticed that the category links don’t seem to be working, you know the ones that are supposed to display only those posts tagged with a category?  Clicking on the category is not supposed to show every post I made.  ::grumbles:: Who knew blogging could be so complicated.

I have no doubt you are much more interested in a new release than my blogging problems, so let me just say that I do have some swimsuits and some bangles coming out this weekend, but in the meantime……. how do I make this stoopid category stuff work??

It is coming into spring you know, and it is time to do some spring cleaning and I really don’t want to run out of space on my blog and….. and you really don’t care.  But that’s ok 🙂  I’ll work it out.  But if you do have experience with wordpress blogs let me know… I’d appreciate some suggestions.


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