April 3, 2007

Vacation time!!!!!!!!!

Posted in Catt's Ramblings at 8:26 pm by Catt

Yes its true, I’m taking a vacation. I will be gone until Monday 9th so if you need assistance in world please leave me an IM, if I cant get to my email (not sure yet if I will be able to) I’ll certainly look you up when I return.

I have moved my store up to 600m and rebuilt so if you are bored, wander on over and have a look. Its my first build totally by myself and I think it came out pretty well. Oh there’s a few issues with textures but they are seriously minor and you’ll only notice if you go looking for them. So don’t go looking for them! 😀

I didn’t get time to release my new top before leaving so here is a sneak preview, something to look forward to 🙂 lots and lots of colours coming in this one to!



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