April 23, 2007

Life, the universe and….. what?!?!?!?

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RL has been interfering recently, some in a good way, some in a bad, but with the same basic result.  I usually only have enough time in the evening to log on and deal with any of those wonderful issues that come up with any SL business, then its back out to RL again ::sighs::

I do have some new swimsuits that I’ve managed to throw together and a couple more colours in the last set of tops I released (I forgot to take photo’s of them).  As I get time I’ll take photo’s and get them up.  Maybe.  I’m thinking I need to user test these swimsuits first because I am really not sure if I want to release them – lol.

!! WARNING – rant and long posting follows!!

The rest of my post is only about SL in a kind of round-about way and is pretty much a rambling rant so I’ll understand if you dont want to read any more.  Yup, understand completely, the door’s that way 😀

ok so I have a strange sense of humor.  But this story did not touch any funny bones for me. I have been struggling to understand the response to this action, and before you knee jerk just blame it on the fact they are Americans, stop and think about how things are going in your country…. I’m sure you’ll see a similarity.  And no I am not an American so you can stick that thought to.

Humanity has always had prejudices, probably from the day we were able to put conscience thought together.  Once upon a time the world was a very big place with lots of scary things that jump out of the dark and ate you.  A certain amount of paranoia and distrust was expected.  If someone was “different” you never could be sure they weren’t the ones out there in the dark.

But the world is a much smaller place now. In today’s society media, whether it be radio, tv or the internet, has made it that way.  Our world neighbours are just around the block.  As far as I’m concerned (and yes I’m a cynical b***h) there is no excuse for pleading ignorance except pure and simple laziness.

Now let me quote from the article I linked to above…

“The foot-washing proposal sprang from an incident last year when a Muslim student slipped and hit her head while trying to wash her feet in a sink in a bathroom”


“There was also the potential hazard of slippery floors for other MCTC students because of the water that spilled on the floor .”

The school decided to install foot baths because of the safety issue. Now I think they were pretty naive when they were caught by surprise by the amount of hate mail they received, religion has always been one of those things that humans just lovvvve to fight over.  But I can certainly understand the decision they made.  I mean come on, kids were hurting themselves.

Anyway, it is the following level of ignorance, found on a discussion board, that I find there is no excuse for.  And I’d like to add this was the nicest, most tolerant things said.

“They could clean their feet with wet wipes. Special foot washes are not necessary.”

I’d love to say it was an isolated discussion as well but a quick google search proves me wrong.  I don’t have a very high opinion of basic human nature but still it disappoints me every time I hear of these types of things.  Its not unexpected really, but still disappointing.

Now I’m no saint, and I wont say that I don’t have prejudices, because I know I do.  However, on a one on one basis I don’t give a flying if you are white, black, pink or green or if you worship God or the great pumpkin in the sky.  What I care about is who you are.  Do you treat others well or are you just a dick.  Are you so set in your beliefs that you are unwilling to listen to anyone else’s opinion, you know the type, arrogant, self centered, I am God and my opinion is the only right one know-it-alls.  ::grins:: Told you I had prejudices. 

If you weigh in on the obnoxious side that I’m not going to like you.  And yes its that black and white. Prove to me you are capable of some of the nicer sides of human nature and we’ll get on fine, otherwise take a hike before I find something nice and pointy to send you on your way with.

As with the first article above, explain to me why installing foot baths is such a problem.  I’ll listen, I may not agree but I’m willing to listen.  But it had better be a sensible, educated answer.  I don’t accept ignorance in any form.  Hey I never said I was a nice person 😀

I said that this rant applies to SL in a round-about way.  And here’s how.  I see SL as a squished up version of the world.  If you took every person, culture, religion, and country in the world and squeezed it down to its elemental parts and then dropped that into a teeny tiny virtual environment then added anonymity to the mix…  well welcome to SL 🙂

It seems to display the extremes, the absolute best, and the absolute worse of what I like to call basic human nature.  You see things like residents banding together to raise money to replace land lost to a landbot, and all of the charity work done by so many of SL’s designers, like Relay for life, Bandanna day and the Dreams Community

Then you see residents banding together to save the worldfrom things like age play (after all if you have a child avi you must be a pervert right?), unverified accounts (omg I could be having sex with a teenager!) , campers (its all their fault the world was stable and lag free before they turned up!) and other sensible, well thought out, non-knee-jerk reactions like that.  Hmm those were probably bad examples as there is some small but legitimate possibility of concern with each of those issues.

Well how about reselling of freebies, textures and copybot created content.  This perfectly shows the something for nothing, the world owes me attitude so prevalent in today’s “modern” society.

In general SL is what you make of it, griefers aside, but you can certainly understand why so many college/university students are using SL as the basis of their thesis on human behaviour 😀

On that note, this is a rant, its not supposed to necessarily make sense and its not supposed to come to any sensible conclusions/answers.  And I believe this little post has definitely upheld the spirit of “the rant”  :p


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