May 31, 2007

Barbie World

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Ha! You probably thought from the title that this was going to be a rant.  Didnt you?  Go on, admit it.  Well its not.  Kinda. Its a cry for help, a wail in the darkness, the sound no-one hears when a tree falls in the forest.  Ok, so maybe I’ve had too much coffee today.

So its coming up on my second rez-day here soon, and a recent notice in the Fashion Consolidated group made me realise I’m still wearing the very first skin I ever purchased.  Now this is not as bad as it sounds!  My first skin was one of the original Nevermore hybrids and I lurvvves it. But I went to check out these skins that were advertised at half price, honestly because I had nothing better to do at the time, and I was just stunned by the beauty that was the makeup.  Look at me mummy I’m gorgeous!!!  🙂 hmm shame about the rest of the skin tho.  And I am not (should I put that in caps maybe… notice the NOT) saying that the skin was bad.  I’m saying it was not to my taste, except for the face, did I say how good the makeup was?

So for the past 2 nights I have been skin shopping and I think I’ve managed to try on at least one demo copy from every skin designer out there.  I have 30+ demo’s in my trash and even at a couple of demo’s per designer thats a stuff load of designers.  Of course I went to all the big names and then I ended up at smaller but also known designers and then of course I hit places I had never even heard of, let alone knew they had skins.

So after 2 days, 30-40 demo’s and a lot of lost shoe leather, I have discovered a very sad fact.  I am a lot fussier about skins than I thought I was.  And my requirements, although they sound quite realistic to me, do not exist in SL. 

I see you looking at me funny!  My requirements are not that crazy.  Honest.  This is the part where we get to the title of my little post. I am a barbie in a barbie world.  This is how I see my avatar.  I dont want realistic skins, I dont want highlights or freckles and tan lines, and I certainly dont want a skin that looks like a home tanning session gone bad.  I just want a nicely blended skin, a collar bone that is soft and in the correct location, not down near my nipples somewhere.  Some light indication of shoulderblades and, now, 😀  killer makeup.  Oh and I dont want the skin to make me look anorexic even with some meat on my bones (can you say too much bone structure highlighting).

See not so insane.

I’ve seen so many skins now.  Every single one of them had one part of the equation exactly right, but the rest just didnt do it for me.  For example, I found one skin where the face was acceptable, the body was awesome, but the nipples were so blurred it looked like the skin hadnt rez’d.  Who’d a thunk I would have even cared about that?  Anyway coupled with the lukewarm feel I had about the face, it also found the trash can.

 Funny enough I found that the nether female regions are of little importance to me.  I really dont care how realistic, attractive, whatever it is down there.  I dont cyber, I dont make a habit of sticking my camera down there to look so what ever it is, is good.  Having said that, I do need either shaved or a landing strip look.  I make swimsuits and lingerie and yes I model my own clothes for the sales posters.  I dont want to have to airbrush out the great southern forests every time I do a photoshoot.

I will probably end up with a Hybrid II skin I think, they are exactly what I want body wise.  The face is nice, the makeup is quite classy but its doesnt make me go WOW.  But you know what, I think I can cope with that 🙂

You know to be perfectly honest I can’t believe you’ve managed to get this far down in my ramblings. If you take anything away from the 10 minutes of your life you have lost to reading this, hopefully you’ll take this little piece of advice.

Skins are incredibly personal.  The best skin in the world could simply look crappy on your shape.  Take the time to check out everything that is out there.  Get demo’s!! But more importantly try each and every one of the demo’s on under the same lighting conditions.

Skins are not cheap, make sure you get something you are happy to live in. Thats what I did the last time, and honestly, I’ve only been looking at a new skin just because I can – not because I need one 🙂


May 28, 2007

More new goodness

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I’ve actually managed to be productive this weekend, wonders will never cease! And I have a few more things in production but decided to get out what I had already done so I wasn’t overwhelmed by the sales pics (which I may have mentioned takes almost as long as making the clothes!)

Anyway I’ve two new summer dresses. Yes they do use the system skirt, you know that isn’t a crime don’t you? 😀

First is Florence.


And Aura.


And of course I had to do a few more swimsuits, my life just wouldn’t be complete at the moment if I wasn’t creating swimsuits. Don’t ask, its just way to complicated :p

512green2t.jpg 512red2t.jpg

Lest we forget

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In Australia we have RSL Clubs. RSL stands for Returned and Services League. In the morning and at night every single day of the year, the following is spoken over the PA in the entire club. I am in America at the moment and today is Memorial Day. I offer to you, to those who are in the Services, who have been in the Services or have been effected by the death of a love one, this simple rememberance.

They shall not grow old as we who are left grow old
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn
At the going down of the sun and in the morning
We Shall Remember Them.

Lest we forget.

May 19, 2007

Something new

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RL has been… well its been RL and lets leave it at that 🙂 I do however have something new up at the store, I haven’t yet posted it to groups, forums, slx etc etc but it is available at the store if you feel the need to rush out and buy it.

I wanted to try something a little different and with high waisted pants becoming popular in RL I thought I’d give it a go. As usual its not what I was thinking of when I sat down at the computer but I like it. This is a set and as such cannot be worn as separate pieces. I had to make the high waist by putting the top part of the pants on the shirt layer.

Remember to click the little picture to get a bigger view in all its glory.


Actually I’m thinking about re-taking this picture, it really doesn’t do the outfit justice.  What do you think?

May 1, 2007

OMG a new release?!?!?

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I know shocking isn’t it! But its true. No honest, it is. I wouldn’t pull your leg like that! Wellll…. If I’d thought about it before hand maybe 🙂 but this once I’m not joking.

I am still on my swimsuit kick. I’m sure there is probably some deep dark psychological reason for it, but all I know is that’s what I feel like making. So that’s what you get 🙂

I wanted to take an old design and make it “different”, so I used some wild material patterns. At first I thought it was just horrid and have redone these a bazillion times. I’m reasonably happy with the final result but you, the buying public, make the final choice.

Both versions of the top comes with the package and they are available on every possible layer, including the jacket layer.  Why the jacket layer I hear you ask? (hush of course you were going to ask that!)  I have recently noticed that on some video cards, the shirt/pants layer and the undershirt/underpants layer does not *quite* meet.  This results in a very very thin line of skin visible between the two parts.  Most people will never notice and really its only visible when you zoom in. Being the perfectionist that I am I wanted to give the option to wear the jacket, and thus remove the line, if it was visible on your screen and you did want to remove it 🙂

So, here is the spring flowers range of swimsuits. I’m sure its probably common knowledge by now, but just in case you missed the memo, clicking on the pictures gives you great big clearer versions 🙂

512swimbbf.jpg 512swimbf.jpg

512swimpf.jpg 512swimrf.jpg