May 1, 2007

OMG a new release?!?!?

Posted in Swimsuits at 7:26 pm by Catt

I know shocking isn’t it! But its true. No honest, it is. I wouldn’t pull your leg like that! Wellll…. If I’d thought about it before hand maybe šŸ™‚ but this once I’m not joking.

I am still on my swimsuit kick. I’m sure there is probably some deep dark psychological reason for it, but all I know is that’s what I feel like making. So that’s what you get šŸ™‚

I wanted to take an old design and make it “different”, so I used some wild material patterns. At first I thought it was just horrid and have redone these a bazillion times. I’m reasonably happy with the final result but you, the buying public, make the final choice.

Both versions of the top comes with the package and they are available on every possible layer, including the jacket layer.Ā  Why the jacket layer I hear you ask? (hush of course you were going to ask that!)Ā  I have recently noticed that on some video cards, the shirt/pants layer and the undershirt/underpants layer does not *quite* meet.Ā  This results in a very very thin line of skin visible between the two parts.Ā  Most people will never notice and really its only visible when you zoom in. Being the perfectionist that I am I wanted to give the option to wear the jacket, and thus remove the line, if it was visible on your screen and you did want to remove it šŸ™‚

So, here is the spring flowers range of swimsuits. I’m sure its probably common knowledge by now, but just in case you missed the memo, clicking on the pictures gives you great big clearer versions šŸ™‚

512swimbbf.jpg 512swimbf.jpg

512swimpf.jpg 512swimrf.jpg


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