July 15, 2007

Hey look, something new :)

Posted in Lingerie at 5:55 pm by Catt

Well I finally decided to do something other than swimsuits – lol. So this week I offer to you a satin and leather corset set. Or should that be sets (<– notice the s ) given that there is seven colour selections? Set, sets, whichever, they are out on the wall and ready for you eager buyers. Because I know you are out there somewhere…. right? πŸ™‚

The set(s) comes with two variations of the corset, one over breast and one under breast. It also includes a g-string and a pair of lace top stockings.

They come on every top layer possible so you can mix and match them with almost anything. So we have Peach, Pink, Gold, Green, Blue, Black & Red which you can see in the little pics below. Did you know if you click on them you get to see bigger pics? Bet you did huh πŸ™‚

512corsetb.jpg 512corsetbu.jpg

512corsetg.jpg 512corsetgd.jpg

512corsetp.jpg 512corsetpe.jpg



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