August 25, 2007

Something new

Posted in Casual Wear at 11:24 am by Catt

Although I don’t consciously design for RL seasons (after all SL doesn’t have seasons) I am inspired by what people around me are wearing in RL, and thats all seasonal.

I just re-read that sentence and felt like rolling my eyes and going “ya think?” ::laughs:: I amused myself enough that I decided to let it stay rather than rewriting it, hopefully I’ve managed to add a little smile to your day.

Talking about smiles, and new releases, and seasonal designs…. wow thats a lot to talk about in 3 sentences… anyway, my new release started with just the velvet jackets, then I added a pair of light linen pants to make this an Autumn look rather than Winterish.

When I put it all together for sale I felt this lent itself towards a lot of different options. You can buy the jackets individually, or as a pack of all three. You can buy it as a jacket and pants set (the pants are in the pant & underpants layer in case you want to wear some cute little boots with it) or you can elect to purchase the mega pack of everything.

Rather than put pictures of all the options here I’ve just put the pants/jacket set so you can see how they look, don’t forget you can get a bigger view by clicking on the picture. They are available in world now as well as Metamart, and sometime this weekend will be at SLX and on-rez. Oh in case you haven’t heard of Metamart before 🙂 click here.

512blvset.jpg 512bvset.jpg



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