September 16, 2007

Nothing new

Posted in Admin at 10:51 am by Catt

Its unlikely I’ll get anything out this weekend. The motivation, she is not there. And then I’ve spent the last week texturing an RP sim and can’t bare the thought of playing in PSP again today 😀

But I did want to get this out to everyone. I’ve not seen very much advertising on the fashion blogs for it yet. Be there or be triangular.



September 7, 2007

Autumn Chill

Posted in Casual Wear at 11:47 pm by Catt

I had a lot of trouble with this one. Not the actual creation of the design, that was fun 🙂 But I agonized for hours over the permissions I would release it with, the pricing and, of course, the sales picture. I am still not happy with the sales picture but I think it’ll work out ok.

This set is being released mod/copy. Now my normal permissions are mod/trans and it was a tough decision for me to change that for this release. So why did I? Well this set comes with 6 different colour shirts, on both the shirt and undershirt layer, 3 pairs of footless wool tights and of course the dress, the top of which is on the shirt and jacket layer. As you can see, thats a lot of items on a lot of layers. Practically to the point where you can create 2 complete outfits.

Now I have no issues with someone wanting to give away the unused layers to a friend, newbie, whatever. Where I have problems is someone splitting the set and only selling part of it at something like a yard sale. I feel that if someone were to buy it that way then my items would be used to cheat another resident. And that just doesn’t work for me. So the decision was made and the outfit is mod/copy. Right now it is only available in world at my main store, however over the weekend I will get it out to SLX etc, and then you will be able to buy it as a gift for someone if you would like. Or IM me, I’d be happy to send it to someone for you 🙂

So the outfit. Well the dress is made from wool, a really dark brown that is so close to black in some environments you wont be able to tell it isn’t. I included the wool tights in light grey, dark grey and black. The shirts are basically a check shirt in 6 basically pastel colours, blue, light blue, orange, green, yellow and pink. The sales posters don’t even come close to showing all of the possible combinations of this piece but there is no way I can get all that in a 256×256 image, and to make it a different size would move away from the standardized look in my store.

So here is the sales picture (you’ll really need to click on it to make it bigger to be able to see the shirts pattern properly), and I’ve added some pictures below of my own to show some of the possible combinations 🙂


ok so my extra pics are thumbnails so this time you really do have to click on them – lol – and yes in the last picture I cheated a little in that the pants I used are not in this set.  These are just some of the possible combinations!


September 2, 2007

Something old is new again

Posted in Club Wear at 10:23 pm by Catt

One of the first dresses I ever made in SL is this little black thing.


Oh and how I hate it! The side straps don’t match up, the area over the breasts has an extremely odd shape and a jagged edge, and whats with the dragon?!?!?! I have tried retiring it several times but keep getting requests for it and surprisingly it is a reasonably good seller. Well this weekend I just couldn’t stand it any longer and decided if it must remain in my store then it has to be updated!

And I will never, ever, play with side straps again. Ever. Now I know why they didn’t meet in the first place. The number of hours I wasted getting them right, and I ended up cheating in a few places. My hats off to anyone that does them well, because I wont be spending that amount of time again!

Having endured the frustration of making the damned thing I decided to have some fun with it and use a few interesting fabric textures. Panic not you purists out there, there is a black version 🙂

As always let your mouse do the clicking for bigger pictures 🙂

512strappedbl.jpg 512strappedbr.jpg

512strappedo.jpg 512strappedp.jpg