September 2, 2007

Something old is new again

Posted in Club Wear at 10:23 pm by Catt

One of the first dresses I ever made in SL is this little black thing.


Oh and how I hate it! The side straps don’t match up, the area over the breasts has an extremely odd shape and a jagged edge, and whats with the dragon?!?!?! I have tried retiring it several times but keep getting requests for it and surprisingly it is a reasonably good seller. Well this weekend I just couldn’t stand it any longer and decided if it must remain in my store then it has to be updated!

And I will never, ever, play with side straps again. Ever. Now I know why they didn’t meet in the first place. The number of hours I wasted getting them right, and I ended up cheating in a few places. My hats off to anyone that does them well, because I wont be spending that amount of time again!

Having endured the frustration of making the damned thing I decided to have some fun with it and use a few interesting fabric textures. Panic not you purists out there, there is a black version 🙂

As always let your mouse do the clicking for bigger pictures 🙂

512strappedbl.jpg 512strappedbr.jpg

512strappedo.jpg 512strappedp.jpg



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