October 6, 2007

It’s 5 O’clock somewhere

Posted in Swimsuits at 3:08 pm by Catt

The fashion feeds and new releases are filled with fashions for fall/winter and I’m making swimsuits. Go figure! lol

I was reminded while creating this set of the Jimmy Buffet song “It’s 5’oclock somewhere”, for somewhere in RL its summer and of course in SL it can be any season you want it! But calling a swimsuit “5’oclock somewhere” just didn’t work so I bring you instead the JB swimsuit 😀  Of course after I had this finished and named I discover that the song “It’s 5’oclock somewhere” is actually by Alan Jackson with Jimmy Buffet only having a few lines at the end of the song.  Ahh well, its still a good song and entirely applicable in this case I think 🙂

The swimsuit comes on both the undershirt/pants layer and the shirt/pants layer and I’ve decided to release this as copy/mod.  I think I’ll be releasing more with those mods as I have more and more outfits on multiple layers, then of course there’s the whole SL ate my inventory bug.

512jbblack.jpg 512jbblue.jpg

512jbgreen.jpg 512jbpurple.jpg

512jbrainbow.jpg 512jbred.jpg


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