October 25, 2007


Posted in Casual Wear at 9:27 pm by Catt

Cashmere, love it in RL. Cant get enough of it. Its like carrying around your own snuggle blankie 😀 So of course, I had to bring it into SL. In six colours my new cashmere sweaters are only available on the jacket layer so I’ve priced them at a measly L$50. I’m trying a new standardised background as well, I’m not sure its going to work with lighter coloured outfits, but so far I like it 🙂

512cashmereb.jpg 512cashmereg.jpg

512cashmeregy.jpg 512cashmerep.jpg

512cashmeret.jpg 512cashmerey.jpg



  1. rosiebarthelmess said,

    I finally bought a photosphere and blogged some of our dressup! I hope you like it, I also put pictures on my flickr.

    I’m sure you’ll see me soon, I’m gonna have to get me a bunch of those sweaters. 😀

  2. Catt said,

    woot! The blog was really well done! ::pouts cause her RL work blocks flickr and she cant go look at the pretty pics::

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