November 1, 2007

Non fashion rant

Posted in Catt's Ramblings at 4:59 pm by Catt

This is not about fashion so I will put most of my …. “discussion” after the break (I hope!) in order to not bore the readers I have on the fashionplanet feed.  You are of course more than welcome to click through if you enjoy reading odd ramblings about SL, life, the universe and everything 🙂

So I don’t understand people.  I don’t know if its because I’m terribly naive, extremely open-minded myself, or just plain dumb but I was involved in a conversation at work this morning about SL that still has me shaking my head.

This individual had seen the UK rag sheet article about Paedophiles in SL, shock horror ::sighs:: yes again. Naturally, being the resident expert in all things SL, I just had to be asked … “How much of this type of twisted stuff goes on?”.  Ok, obviously someone who has already pre-judged but lets give it a go shall we.

Carefully I explain that it probably does happen somewhere in game, put more than a couple of adults in the same general proximity and there will be sex. 😀 BUT.  Most adults with a child avatar are not there to have sex, and its unlikely that anyone using a child avatar is actually a child because the last thing they would want to be is the same as they are in RL.

So then I had to spend the next 20 minutes trying to explain why any normal sane adult would want to RP a kid.  At one point I think I said it was an opportunity for someone who didn’t have much of a childhood to get to experience one, or for someone with a high stress life to be able to step back to happier times. The answer?  “Oh like those adult men who wear diapers.  ok then”  and the conversation was over.

Geezus, I knew he had already made up his mind that SL was nothing but twisted sex, but damn can you release just a few of those brain cells to actually listen and consider a new idea?

But this is only one in a string of similar discussions.  Like why would anyone want to have sex as an animal?  ummm huh?  Well all those furries.  Another eye rolling opportunity that wasted 1/2 hr of my life that I will never get back, but the person asking the questions just could not come to terms with that fact that there were more reasons than sex to have a furry avatar.

Oh and don’t get me started on the time I got asked about the dark RP sim my husband and I are working on.  People are pretending to be vampires!?!?!?  and demons?!?!?!   What they actually get to suck peoples blood and fight with each other? And … and … and … [insert any possible objection here]

So lets try and put it in terms you might understand.  It’s like playing an Orc in WoW.  That should help them work it out right?  Nope.  Apparently “that’s different”.  Argggg how is it different?!?!?

I work in a company where social differences are widely accepted, (please don’t over-react to my next words) we have a large gay & lesbian group of employees, cross-dressers, different religions, races, the whole bit.   Round here, in general, if you don’t like someone its because of what they do, say etc, not because they are gay or female or a geek or green or whatever. This is how I go through life and I like that attitude!

So why am I am answering most questions about SL these days with a sigh, rolled eyes and a resigned, “yes its all about sex, we are all sex freaks, that’s how everyone is making money”, followed closely thereafter by the sight of my back when I walk away.

I don’t understand people. 


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  1. EnCore Mayne said,

    i sympathize. some people just don’t get it. i was quickly disabused of ever mentioning i play sl when some rl friends went completely ape shit shouting out “have sex with me” to the non-plussed gathering. just another noob losing their minds. she never went back. thank god. rl people are so embarrassing.

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