November 11, 2007

Remembrance Day

Posted in Catt's Ramblings at 11:02 am by Catt

This has nothing to do with fashion but our blogs reach a large number of people and so I hope my words can reach those that read this. I will not be putting in a cut because I want my words to be read.

I am writing this in the 11th hour of my current location. In my native country (Australia) the 11th day has come and gone again. The time difference makes it such I cannot remember those that lived and died for my country so many years ago, on the same day as everyone else. But here in the US they also observe that special 11th hour. It is called Armistice Day, but regardless of the name it means the same thing.

ANZAC Day for me is the chance to remember and honour all those soldiers who lost their lives fighting for their country in all the wars that we have been involved in. Regardless of the location and reason, Australians, proud of their country, proud of what we had done and who were were, answered the call and gave the ultimate sacrifice. Their lives.

Remembrance Day is not just a day to remember the end of a war. It is a day to remember and honour those soldiers who gave their life after the war was over. The signing of that incredibly important little piece of paper did not end the war for many of our soldiers who were still out in the field. It took weeks for all the fighting to stop and in that time our boys continued to die. There are those who say their deaths become meaningless because the war was over. I have grown old enough now to not react in anger to such words. Their deaths were not meaningless to those families they left behind, or to a country that sent them to fight for the freedom of people we would never know. Today is the day I honour those who gave their lives to save people we did not know even after the war was over.

Yes I come from a military family and yes these days effect me very strongly. But in this time we have many solders still in the field, still doing and giving what most of us could never dream of. On this day I remember them. On this day I pray that regardless of how the people at home, regardless of where home may be, feel about the wars we are fighting they also remember and appreciate what those men are doing. You may not agree with the reasons for the war, but please remember and honour those that do what you cannot, not just on two days a year, but always in your heart and minds.

Lest we forget.


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