November 18, 2007

New release & vacations

Posted in Casual Wear at 2:15 pm by Catt

I will be on vacation from 11/19 till 11/25 so I wanted to get something out before I left. Its a casual sweatsuit, comes with the top on the jacket layer, pants and a tintable shirt. As usual the permissions are mod/trans and it comes in only 4 colours this time 🙂 In the pictures its extremely difficult to tell the difference between the black and the green (black is on the left) but inworld they cant be mistaken for each other, the green is quite….. green. I tried all kinds of different lighting when taking the pictures but could not get the green to stand out more 😦

While I’m on vacation I will be able to get to my email so I’ll be able to answer IMs but it wont be every day so please be patient if you send me an IM.

512tamileeblack.jpg 512tamileegreen.jpg

512tamileeblue.jpg 512tamileered.jpg


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