April 3, 2008

Change of direction

Posted in Admin, Catt's Ramblings at 6:54 pm by Catt

I will no longer be making clothes.  Ohhh its sounds so harsh when put that bluntly.  My store will still be open and I will still be doing full customer support, but I just don’t enjoy making clothes anymore.  To be honest I never really did enjoy it.  Way back in the dark ages when I was new to SL, like most, I had no lindens and the quality free items that you can find in world today just weren’t available then.  So if I wanted to win that “best 50s outfit” at the local club, or just be seen in anything other than what were very well known freebies at that time, I had to make my own.  So I did.  And I gave them out to anyone who wanted em (and some that didn’t but were just being nice – lol ).  On one occasion someone, I really don’t remember who,  gave me I think 50 lindens for one of my 50s outfits.  I was shocked!  After all who would want to pay money for my pitiful stuff?  But I was convinced to put up for sale what I had already made and surprisingly it sold.  So I made more stuff and had spending money!!  Then we purchased an island.  Now it wasn’t spending money anymore it was income to cover the cost of our very expensive sandbox.  So gradually my store became a second job, and one that I did not enjoy.

To successfully run a business in SL requires a lot of time commitment, to successfully run a fashion business in SL requires ungodly amounts of time, constant releases (noooo its not at all true that fashion buyers have the memory span of a gnat) , heh the list goes on, I doubt you want to hear me whine about it.  There are so many talented designers in SL both established and upcoming that I felt I was always running last in a marathon and I just couldn’t keep up.  And on top of all that I really didn’t like the creation process.

So I decided that if I wanted to stay in SL I had to start enjoying it again.  And in order to do that I had to stop designing new clothes.  So I have. But I’m not going away, because there are so many things in SL I do love doing.  I enjoy building but I love texturing the builds my husband makes.  I love creating gardens and ponds/waterfalls. I love exploring.  I love fishing and hang-gliding and sky jumping and water slides!

I also discovered a love for digital scrapbooking when we held several weddings on the island. I thought I would hate making the wedding albums, but its an unbelievable amount of fun!

So I will be offering a scrapbooking service, this time I will get my spending money doing something I truly enjoy 🙂

I should put the obligatory sales pitch here – lol – but I’ll just settle for …  if you are interested in getting a scrapbook done check it out at SLX, onrez or shoot me an IM inworld 🙂


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