July 20, 2008

More swimsuits

Posted in Swimsuits at 2:31 pm by Catt

Its going to be swimsuits for a while I think. I’m not going to move into itty bitty bikini’s, mostly I prefer to make something that provides more coverage 🙂 but today release is probably as close as I’ll get.

I was trying to create a slight vintage feel to the swimsuit, thus I choose 4 different retro look material patterns. The cut lends a slightly sporty feel to the suit as well. I rather like the look I managed to create with the prim ties on the bottoms, although it took me forever to find the right attachment points.

As usual its on all layers, and because of the layer options, I’ve again gone for the copy/mod perms set.


July 14, 2008

Quoth the raven, `Nevermore.’

Posted in Swimsuits at 7:05 pm by Catt

Bah what does a dumb bird know anyway 🙂 Yes, despite my earlier protestations I am again releasing new clothing. The reasons are many and totally not worth sharing, but it is your gain dear reader for the doors to the store are open and newness is rushing to the shelves.

To begin my return I have created a tankini set in honour of the damned hot weather we are currently getting RL. That and swimsuits have always been my favourites 🙂

So this little piece comes on every available layer, includes a black pair of boyshorts as well and is offered in 6 solid colours. Permissions are copy/mod and sells for only L$95!