September 5, 2009

Unbelieveable I added something new!

Posted in Casual Wear at 11:15 am by Catt

Amazingly I actually added something new at Catt’s Creations, I guess its impossible to totally stay away 🙂

Its definitely something different for me but it was  fun and a nice way to put my toes back in the water so to speak 🙂

Injury Pack

Catt's Creations Injury Pack

As you can see it has a lot in it! Not actually listed in the add is the fact that the upper body injuries includes the option with a field bandage on the back and without.  Also the arm bandages come as a bloodied option and a clean option.

I have a little store in SL at the moment and it can be found at the store or as usual its listed on SLX


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