October 31, 2009

Branching out

Posted in Skyboxes tagged , , , at 11:19 am by Catt

So I’ve done something new and definitely different for me!  I built a skybox.  No its true!  You can even buy it if you want, been told its seriously cute.  You’ll love it 🙂  And I loved it.  Took me weeks and weeks to do but I already have ideas for two more builds.  SL is almost exciting again, now if only RL would actually give me time to indulge.  Ahh well as time permits there will be more.

So now for the sales pitch …

The new Rainforest Skybox from Catt’s Creations!

199 prims
40×40 footprint

Subtle atmospheric sounds throughout that can be manually turned on and off
Rez platform for easy sky placement

The skybox includes a hut, waterfall cave, swing and outdoor firepit.  The massive waterfall and ponds are definitely the focal point of this amazing rainforest hide-a-way, but there is still ample living space.  Hang out on the meditation rock, float in the pond or laze about on the swing.  Bring some friends over to chat around the fire!  The hut has bamboo shades that can be raised or lowered so you don’t even need to make the bed before your friends arrive, just drop the shades!


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