November 10, 2009

Lest we forget

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September 21, 2008

Just wow

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OMG it has been an awesome day. I was pretty sure that by the time came for me to go to bed I would be feeling pretty down and emotional knowing that tomorrow it was all coming to a final end. I cannot thank everyone enough who stopped by and took the time to chat and wish me luck. You are all amazing people! 😀

The store is still up and the sale, of course, will continue until the store is gone. I wont be in world before about 10am SL time tomorrow morning so if you missed grabbing something today you still have a few hours! Well actually I guess that’s almost 12 hours – lol – but you know what I mean.

Thank you again for making today something special instead of something sad.

April 3, 2008

Change of direction

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I will no longer be making clothes.  Ohhh its sounds so harsh when put that bluntly.  My store will still be open and I will still be doing full customer support, but I just don’t enjoy making clothes anymore.  To be honest I never really did enjoy it.  Way back in the dark ages when I was new to SL, like most, I had no lindens and the quality free items that you can find in world today just weren’t available then.  So if I wanted to win that “best 50s outfit” at the local club, or just be seen in anything other than what were very well known freebies at that time, I had to make my own.  So I did.  And I gave them out to anyone who wanted em (and some that didn’t but were just being nice – lol ).  On one occasion someone, I really don’t remember who,  gave me I think 50 lindens for one of my 50s outfits.  I was shocked!  After all who would want to pay money for my pitiful stuff?  But I was convinced to put up for sale what I had already made and surprisingly it sold.  So I made more stuff and had spending money!!  Then we purchased an island.  Now it wasn’t spending money anymore it was income to cover the cost of our very expensive sandbox.  So gradually my store became a second job, and one that I did not enjoy.

To successfully run a business in SL requires a lot of time commitment, to successfully run a fashion business in SL requires ungodly amounts of time, constant releases (noooo its not at all true that fashion buyers have the memory span of a gnat) , heh the list goes on, I doubt you want to hear me whine about it.  There are so many talented designers in SL both established and upcoming that I felt I was always running last in a marathon and I just couldn’t keep up.  And on top of all that I really didn’t like the creation process.

So I decided that if I wanted to stay in SL I had to start enjoying it again.  And in order to do that I had to stop designing new clothes.  So I have. But I’m not going away, because there are so many things in SL I do love doing.  I enjoy building but I love texturing the builds my husband makes.  I love creating gardens and ponds/waterfalls. I love exploring.  I love fishing and hang-gliding and sky jumping and water slides!

I also discovered a love for digital scrapbooking when we held several weddings on the island. I thought I would hate making the wedding albums, but its an unbelievable amount of fun!

So I will be offering a scrapbooking service, this time I will get my spending money doing something I truly enjoy 🙂

I should put the obligatory sales pitch here – lol – but I’ll just settle for …  if you are interested in getting a scrapbook done check it out at SLX, onrez or shoot me an IM inworld 🙂

November 11, 2007

Remembrance Day

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This has nothing to do with fashion but our blogs reach a large number of people and so I hope my words can reach those that read this. I will not be putting in a cut because I want my words to be read.

I am writing this in the 11th hour of my current location. In my native country (Australia) the 11th day has come and gone again. The time difference makes it such I cannot remember those that lived and died for my country so many years ago, on the same day as everyone else. But here in the US they also observe that special 11th hour. It is called Armistice Day, but regardless of the name it means the same thing.

ANZAC Day for me is the chance to remember and honour all those soldiers who lost their lives fighting for their country in all the wars that we have been involved in. Regardless of the location and reason, Australians, proud of their country, proud of what we had done and who were were, answered the call and gave the ultimate sacrifice. Their lives.

Remembrance Day is not just a day to remember the end of a war. It is a day to remember and honour those soldiers who gave their life after the war was over. The signing of that incredibly important little piece of paper did not end the war for many of our soldiers who were still out in the field. It took weeks for all the fighting to stop and in that time our boys continued to die. There are those who say their deaths become meaningless because the war was over. I have grown old enough now to not react in anger to such words. Their deaths were not meaningless to those families they left behind, or to a country that sent them to fight for the freedom of people we would never know. Today is the day I honour those who gave their lives to save people we did not know even after the war was over.

Yes I come from a military family and yes these days effect me very strongly. But in this time we have many solders still in the field, still doing and giving what most of us could never dream of. On this day I remember them. On this day I pray that regardless of how the people at home, regardless of where home may be, feel about the wars we are fighting they also remember and appreciate what those men are doing. You may not agree with the reasons for the war, but please remember and honour those that do what you cannot, not just on two days a year, but always in your heart and minds.

Lest we forget.

November 10, 2007

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Last Call. You have my thoughts and my prayers.

picture copyright Briton Riviere

November 1, 2007

Non fashion rant

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This is not about fashion so I will put most of my …. “discussion” after the break (I hope!) in order to not bore the readers I have on the fashionplanet feed.  You are of course more than welcome to click through if you enjoy reading odd ramblings about SL, life, the universe and everything 🙂

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October 17, 2007

Dress-ups and remakes

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Second life avatars come in all shapes and sizes, and yet the female form still tends towards the slimmer model shape, although occasionally accompanied by large breasts and buttocks 😀 While cruising the web looking for new SL blogs to read I found one by Rosie Barthelmess. Rosie is a big girl, in both RL and SL, and as I read her continuing struggle to find clothes to fit in SL I was intrigued as the whether or not my outfits would fit the larger frame. Now we all know how unfriendly SL can get as far as stretch on clothes is concerned (in fact its my biggest problem when designing for men) and although I keep that in mind whenever I design, I do design for the “average” shape. So I invited Rosie over to play dress-ups 🙂 Now I don’t know about Rosie but I was pleasantly surprised to find out how much of my collection did actually fit her!

In the process of trying on different things I gave her one of my older pieces of lingerie and I was horrified, horrified I tell you, at how bad it was. OMG I can’t believe I had that on my shelf!!!!!! Jagged edges, seams that didn’t line up, patterns that didn’t match between the bottom and top. All I could do was hang my head in shame.

Ahh but wait, that wasn’t ALL I could do. I could remake it! Bigger, better, faster… :p And naturally if I was going to remake it I had to add lots of colours right? I see you nodding your head sagely, you know how I work now don’t you? 🙂

So I bring to you, the Romper Teddy in 7 wonderful colours. You may notice that I have gone back to my usual permissions. Yes this comes on every possible layer and yes there is the chance of abuse with this set of perms, but I just wasn’t comfortable with copy/mod. Maybe one day, but not today.

512rompera.jpg 512romperb.jpg

512romperbk.jpg 512romperg.jpg

512rompero.jpg 512romperp.jpg


July 26, 2007

The end is nigh

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The end of RFL 07 that is. Unfortunately RL has not given me enough time to make a new exclusive outfit for the festivities this weekend, but what I can do is include a $500 voucher for my store with the current outfit. It is a way for me to match any donations made.

This will be a low tech version of a voucher, nothing automatic. You will need to contact me, tell me what you want and we will exchange. You give me the voucher I give you the goodies 🙂

Just in case you forgot what the outfit looks like…..


July 16, 2007

Fat packs and other puzzling questions

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I’ve been trying to work out if “fat packs” are worth putting in my store. I’ve done it for a couple of items, like the tube tops and Anchored Sweaters but I’ve never sold a single one and I’ve never had anyone actually buy all colours of an item at once before. I know a lot of designers do it and honestly it only takes one extra prim (and prim usage is not a problem for me) but it seems a waste to spend time on the sales pic if no-one is interested. So how many of you actually buy fat packs of clothing? How many would be interested in Catt’s Creations carrying them? (you watch the amazing dearth of comments to this post now – lol)

Fashion Heaven is requesting comments for an upcoming M2 article. They want to know how you feel about permissions. Do you want mod/copy or mod/trans in your clothing? I encourage everyone who might actually read my blog to visit and answer their simple questions. Because… I wanna know tooooo! Permissions is one of those things that have been bothering me for a while now. I sell exclusively mod/trans. I hate having clothing in my inventory that I cannot give away or sell, and as far as I’m concerned if it aint mod I’m not interested. So given that is my preference thats how I sell my clothing. But a lot of people prefer mod/copy and because of theft and general SL inventory screw-ups a lot of designers are moving in that direction.

I did think at one point of offering both versions but the idea of retrofitting all of my clothing gave me nightmares and I just couldn’t bear the thought of it. If anything was going to make me give up SL, having to go through that would have done it.


There’s always a but isn’t there, nothing is ever simple. My recent clothing, like the swimsuits, the corset and the tube tops have been on multiple layers so that you can mix and match. And each of those pieces have been mod/trans. Which gives someone the opportunity to sell the layers they dont want to use. I certainly don’t mind someone giving the other layers to friends but selling the pieces just seems wrong to me. I made it as a complete set for mix and match, and thats the way I would want it sold.

Now I have no idea if this has happened, and I probably wouldn’t know if anyone did, and truthfully, once I have sold the original as trans I have no control over what someone does with it. I’ve certainly not been losing sleep over it but I definitely can’t wait to see what kind of results M2 gets. Will it make a difference to how I sell my clothing? Maybe. I don’t know yet. Possibly the only thing that will force me to change is getting ripped off, or the buyers of SL standing up and in one voice proclaiming “we want mod/copy”. 😀

I lurk in a lot of forums. I admit it. My name is Cattrina Careless and I’m a forum lurker 🙂

What I have noticed in a lot of merchant discussions is a common theme, how much time is spent with customer IMs and customer service. Now I’m not sure if I’m doing something amazingly right or amazingly wrong, but I very very very rarely get IMs from my customers. I know I’m probably worrying about nothing but… well if its so common for other designers to have to spend large amounts of time with customer service, why aren’t I? And because I don’t get feedback from my customers I’m not sure if its because they are completely happy or just don’t feel like its worth the effort of sending an IM. And yes I think you can presume from this that I am also very insecure – lol.

What you’re still here? Man you must have nothing better to do today 🙂 But seeings as how you are, perhaps you can help me answer my last puzzling question.

My prices. Now I’ve always hated how much it costs to buy clothing, yes maybe I’m a cheapskate but especially in todays SL where not everyone gets stipend for some people $L are a little scarce. I prefer to make my clothing affordable. But. Again with the but! I have also heard that cheap clothing is considered just that… cheap. So am I losing a customer base because I don’t charge more? To me that just sounds insane, but on more than one occasion I’ve seen someone recommend to a new merchant they need to increase their prices. Again not something I’m losing sleep over but it does make me wonder every time I see it recommended.

Well thats my random thoughts for today, congratulations to anyone who made it this far 🙂 you are my hero’s!

July 10, 2007

Relay for life

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At one point hmm late last year I think, it seemed every time you turned around there was yet another designer releasing something for RFL.  This was also something I wanted to do because I believe that it is a great charity.  But I didn’t want to be another person in the crowd, looking like someone just jumping on the bandwagon.  So I decided to wait a little, after all RFL wasn’t just for one day, or one week, I had time.

And then I forgot.

I’ll admit it, its true.  I forgot.  Completely. Hidden in a fog, never heard of this RFL stuff, what that’s still going on?  That kind of forgot.

Then last week someone said something that reminded me of my good intentions and didn’t I feel embarrassed!  Even though the only person who knew I forgot was myself. 

So I dedicated myself to making the best outfit I have so far.  And I’m extremely happy with the result.  I’m hoping that it has a wide appeal and make lots of lots of sales.  Need to make up for the fact I was a little bit slower coming to the party then I meant to be.  Well my father has been known to say that I would be late to my own funeral, so I guess it isn’t out of character 😀

Anyway there are quite a few pieces to this outfit.  I comes with..

  • a shrug on the jacket layer
  • a long dress (this is a system dress)
  • a mini dress (yes for RFL I ventured back into prim world)
  • toe pairs of pants, one with the RFL bow and one without.
  • the top is of course the top to both dresses and the pants, so you only get one of those 🙂

So without further ado, my RFL outfit, available now in my main store.


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