June 25, 2010

Deck Set

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New at Catts Creations is this beautiful deck set.  The set comes with 2 chairs and a low table. The chairs have 3 poses each in them and are suitable for male or female use. The table has a custom made marquetry inlay and although the clear varnish is showing signs of weathering is still a unique and beautiful piece.  Mostly sculpts so it only comes to 17 prims!  Copy/Mod

Available at  my store and  xStreetSL.  If you stop by the store this weekend ONLY (6/25 – 6/27) it is selling at 60$L  after that the price goes up to 150$L.


May 29, 2010

Wow two posts in one day!

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Thats definitely a record – lol.  I have been busy today and you reap the benefits!  I’ve had the cottage finished for some time and just havent had the chance to box it all up for sale but its ready now.  This beautiful cottage has a 33 x 17 foot print and uses 83 prims – 44 prims in the cottage itself and 39 in the garden.

Outside features include

  • animated bird bath
  • pergola
  • rose covered lattice

Inside features include
central controller for –

  • fireplace on/off
  • window shutters open/close
  • 2 wall colour options

It is only available on xStreetSL as a package including the cottage and garden ($L850) but you can get it at my store as just the cottage without the garden ($L500).  If you purchased the cottage a few weeks ago as a part of the 60L weekend sale I have also put out the garden alone to purchase ($L350).

And another

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Yup chime number 2!  At this rate I’ll have all my chimes replaced by ohhh … xmas sometime – lol.  These are the copper chimes and despite playing with sculpties I ended up using all prims.  The sculpts just didn’t work for me.  I like the slight  movement in the wind that flexi prims get and I couldn’t achieve this effect with sculpts.  So its a little prim heavy weighing in at 18 prims but well worth it I think 🙂

The new windchime is available at  my store and  xStreetSL.

May 23, 2010


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The first thing I ever created in SL was my range of windchimes.  I wanted to make something that was fun without killing your prim count.  But as time went by they got dated and it became time to start replacing them.  So its not 1 prim any more 🙂 but at 12 prims its not going to kill the prim budget (I hope!)  So the first remake is the bamboo windchimes.  Here’s hoping its just the start many more to come!

The new windchime is available at my store and  xStreetSL.

April 24, 2010

Isnt it cute!

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I made me a bird bath and it was soooo cute I had to offer it for sale!  The birds move about the bird bath occasionally chirping their happiness. The piece is copy/mod, only 9 prims (!) and sells for $L100.

Available at my store or from xStreetSL

March 27, 2010

Couple of little things

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I’m working on a new skybox and a new cottage (yes at the same time, no neither is going very fast lol) and a couple of the pieces I’ve made for each build are quite nice in their own right.  So of course I’ve set them up for sale 🙂

First is the towel stand, a nice little piece suitable for the bathroom or by the pool.  Its 19 prims and copy/mod

Next I’ve also put out a wisteria covered pergola.  This build uses sculpts and is 11 prims, also copy/mod.

Both are available at my store or at xStreetSL.

XStreet links – Towel stand, Wisteria Pergola

Store – http://slurl.com/secondlife/Portabello/228/38/698

August 17, 2007

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Right so, there’s supposed to be a designer about here somewhere?

Despite rumors to the contrary I have not been spirited away by aliens or been locked away in the funny farm (although there are days I think that’s only a matter of time). But I have been trapped in RL, and totally unmotivated the few times I’ve managed to actually log onto SL. But I know thats no excuse! So to try and make amends, I’ve more than just the usual single release today 😀 I had several requests to release my RFL outfit in different colours, so I did. I have called this one Devi after the Sanskrit word for Goddess and have deliberately not included the jacket that was available with the RFL outfit and of course, neither will I offer the outfit in pink.

512devib.jpg 512devibr.jpg

512devig.jpg 512devir.jpg


I have always loved the TV show Andromedia and most especially the outfits that Beka Valentine wears. She manages to be sexy and mean all at the same time without showing all of that nasty skin lol. So I was watching my DVDs the other day and of course I just had to get the design her outfit inspired out of my head and into SL. That is why my second offering this week is “Beka”. I used a moleskin look to the texture of the clothing, and it includes two different top versions, the pants and several glove options. Gloves you say? What do we need gloves for?

Well 🙂

The gloves started life simply as the bottom part of the sleeve where it wraps around the middle finger but then purely by accident I noticed it makes some cool different looks to the sleeve of the longer shirt. Hopefully you can see it in the pic, either way I included a few options for you to play with.

Oh and this outfit screams to be worn with some bad-guy kicking boots so I included the pants on the underwear layer as well.


Not fashion related, but then not everything in my store is, but I had a request to make a couple different models of my jukeboxes. And so I did. The pictures here aren’t very good because, well never mind, just because. But you can see what they look like. Oh and I decided to create a scripted set as well, so if you own the land you place it on or deed it to group on group land, it will control the music URL. There are 7 pre-programed channels on the jukebox. Actually I created the jukebox and my darling husband created the script inside 🙂 and while he was at it he built a more modern version of the jukebox which is also available for sale.

jukebox1.jpg jukebox2.jpg


And if you have managed to get this far… 😀 … I am thinking of trying my hand at shoes.  Yes yes I know, my apathy towards prims is well documented so its practically a given that at some stage I will want to pick them up and throw them against a convenient virtual wall, but I’m going to try anyway.  So there!

Hopefully my next lengthy absence wont be because the prims finally drove me batty and they dragged me away in a white suit – lol.