August 24, 2007

The Man Show

Posted in Men's Wear at 12:07 am by Catt

Very quick post because I should have been in bed hours ago. Check out the poster below, then visit for some seriously cool men’s fashions, and and of course some of mine as well 😀 The vendors are on the 4th floor, you can take either the elevator or the TP but either way if you are buying for a man, or yourself lol this is the place to be!

Edit : And that place would be The Palmer House Hotel, The Magnificent Mile Sim, 180/183/29.  I would do a slurl but its late I’m tired and I cant remember how



October 21, 2006

Lets try men again :)

Posted in Men's Wear at 6:06 pm by Catt

And now you can take your mind out of the gutter. I am of course talking about mens clothing. I decided it was time to try making something for those poor under-dressed men in our second lives. I called this ensumble “safari” based on the colours I chose for the shirts. I’m relatively pleased with how well they turned out, especially considering how much trouble I have fitting clothing to the male frame.

I chose to sell them in three packs. If there is enough demand I will sell them as individual pieces but at the moment you can buy them either with the light khaki’s and all 4 shirts, with the dark khaki’s and of course with all 4 shirts, or a pack with everything!  Clicking on the pictures will of course show a larger picture for closer viewing 🙂