Yes I am aware of the predjudice against Goreans on SL, but I’ve never really understood it. Why were Goreans so hated and yet the BDSM community was barely mentioned. Same as I’ve never understood why furries were so disliked, but something like say, vampires werent.

But then, I’ve never understood bigotry in any of its forms.

Gorean silks are fun to make. And so make them I did )

This is another very long page ) lots of goodies to look at.

All pics are thumbnails and can be clicked on for a larger, clearer version

This is the Peek-a-boo range. They are flexi (woo hoo!) and each set has a solid colour and transparent colour option.

512peekblack.jpg 512peekblue.jpg 512peekbrown.jpg
512peekgreen.jpg 512peekpink.jpg 512peekpurp.jpg
512peekred.jpg 512peekwhite.jpg

This set was my first venture into flexi prims and worked out well enough to encourage me to keep going 🙂 I called them tied to please, for obvious reasons :p

512tiedblack.jpg 512tiedblue.jpg 512tiedgreen.jpg

512tiedpurp.jpg 512tiedred.jpg 512tiedwhite.jpg

Now we move into my older silks. In these days of flexi prims they are not as popular any more. When working with skirts I’ve tried to make it so sitting in nadu does not stretch the texture all out of wack. Mostly this means making the skirt quite short but then I dont think anyone (especially the men) have any complaints with that 🙂

I really need to retake all these pics ::sighs::

512blackgold.jpg 512bluegold.jpg 512browngold.jpg 512whitegold.jpg

512coralgold.jpg 512greengold.jpg 512purpgold.jpg 512redgold.jpg

The colour on this next set is really subtle, I was still trying to work out the whole transparency thing when I made them 🙂 I’ve thought of redoing them but I really like how they look at the moment so I havent.

512blacktrans.jpg 512bluetrans.jpg 512greentrans.jpg

512redtrans.jpg 512purptrans.jpg 512whitetrans.jpg

The pictures on these are a little desceptive and definitely need retaking. The pose I used slightly distorted the skirt giving it that swirly look. It does show that the skirt moves quite nicely but it doesnt show what it looks like when it hangs naturally. Ahh well I did say the pics needed to be retaken.

512cordedblack.jpg 512cordedblue.jpg 512cordedpurp.jpg

512cordedred.jpg cordedwhite512.jpg

I really love this set and I need to get my lazy butt into gear and retake these pics because they in no way do the silks justice. This is another set that comes with both solid and transparent colours.

512vixenblue.jpg 512vixengreen.jpg 512vixenpeach.jpg

512vixenpurple.jpg 512vixenred.jpg 512vixenwhite.jpg

I have not sold a single one of the silks shown below and I can understand why. Despite the fact that it is the gorean male who dresses a girl in the books, it is the gorean slave who shops on SL and girls like pretty things – lol. Knowing they probably wouldnt sell I still felt the need to make something that was “true to the books” and the following quote inspired me to make these undesired “silks”.

“The common camisk is a single piece of cloth, about eighteen inches wide, thrown over the girl’s head and worn like a poncho. It usually falls a bit above the knees in the front and back and is belted with cord or chain.” Nomads of Gor, page 90

ok so I took a little licence and they are a little shorter than described.

512blacklinen.jpg 512greenlinen.jpg 512bluelinen.jpg

512pinklinen.jpg 512redlinen.jpg 512whitelinen.jpg



  1. tavita said,

    Why do you say that you “took” these pictures when they are obviously CGI? They cannot possibly represent anything you’ve actually made IRL, because they are just graphics. What’s the deal???

  2. Catt said,

    Well yes they are CGI of a sort. These pictures were “taken” in a 3d virtual enviroment (game if you wish but it is so much more) called Second Life. In fact thats where I make all of my clothing, thats what this entire blog is about. It is not RL, it is a pixelated version of it. Check out http://www.secondlife.com if you are really interested in what its all about.

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