Men’s Wear

I’ve not done much as far as men’s wear is concerned. For some reason I find it extremely difficult to create clothing that wraps nicely around the male frame. Personally I think its because men are not supposed to wear skin tight clothes all the time. I know with shading etc I can make it not “look” skin tight but …. well maybe some time in the future. In the meantime I have some rather nice men’s underwear (at least I think so 🙂 ) and recently a nice khaki/shirt combo pack.

I am hoping to expand my men’s range but won’t until I’m happy with the quality I can produce. Men are horribly neglected in SL, both is the quantity and quality of clothing available.

Clicking on the thumbnails will give you a much nicer image.

512safari.jpg 512safari-dark.jpg


And the fun stuff 🙂

512bluesilk.jpg 512brownsilk.jpg

512wildblue.jpg 512redsilk.jpg

512purplesilk.jpg 512greensilk.jpg

Now these next items could be called underwear, but they are cheeky little items done entirely for fun!

512devil.jpg 512elephant.jpg



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