September 21, 2008

So this is it then?

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I have made the difficult decision to close Catt’s Creations. The island has been sold and come Monday the store will not longer exist. You’re probably thinking “it took you long enough” lol. Well yes it did. I just have not been able to devote time to the business, have lost the enjoyment of creation and lately haven’t even had time to log onto SL. To me this signals the time to stop being sentimental and move on.

Ahh but its not all bad news. It seems to be the tradition in SL to have a blowout sale just before closing, and not being one to thumb my nose at tradition 😀 , I’m doing the same! Less than 24 hours, from right now until the store comes back into inventory sometime Monday morning. Everything has been marked down by at least 50% in some cases more. There is no clothing over L$150 and precious few pieces that expensive. Most is below L$100.

So here’s your last chance! Oh and I put the lucky chair on 10 minute rotation as well 🙂

I’m not sure how long I’ve been in SL to be honest. The island says it was claimed in 2004, my account says I was born in 2005 and yet I was mucking about in SL for a while before we purchased the island. So at the very least Catt’s Creations has been in existence for 3 years, possibly longer. Its been a fun ride regardless and its hard to say goodbye. I’ll be in the store most of the day, so even if you dont want to buy something, stop by and chat.



July 20, 2008

More swimsuits

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Its going to be swimsuits for a while I think. I’m not going to move into itty bitty bikini’s, mostly I prefer to make something that provides more coverage 🙂 but today release is probably as close as I’ll get.

I was trying to create a slight vintage feel to the swimsuit, thus I choose 4 different retro look material patterns. The cut lends a slightly sporty feel to the suit as well. I rather like the look I managed to create with the prim ties on the bottoms, although it took me forever to find the right attachment points.

As usual its on all layers, and because of the layer options, I’ve again gone for the copy/mod perms set.

July 14, 2008

Quoth the raven, `Nevermore.’

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Bah what does a dumb bird know anyway 🙂 Yes, despite my earlier protestations I am again releasing new clothing. The reasons are many and totally not worth sharing, but it is your gain dear reader for the doors to the store are open and newness is rushing to the shelves.

To begin my return I have created a tankini set in honour of the damned hot weather we are currently getting RL. That and swimsuits have always been my favourites 🙂

So this little piece comes on every available layer, includes a black pair of boyshorts as well and is offered in 6 solid colours. Permissions are copy/mod and sells for only L$95!

April 3, 2008

Change of direction

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I will no longer be making clothes.  Ohhh its sounds so harsh when put that bluntly.  My store will still be open and I will still be doing full customer support, but I just don’t enjoy making clothes anymore.  To be honest I never really did enjoy it.  Way back in the dark ages when I was new to SL, like most, I had no lindens and the quality free items that you can find in world today just weren’t available then.  So if I wanted to win that “best 50s outfit” at the local club, or just be seen in anything other than what were very well known freebies at that time, I had to make my own.  So I did.  And I gave them out to anyone who wanted em (and some that didn’t but were just being nice – lol ).  On one occasion someone, I really don’t remember who,  gave me I think 50 lindens for one of my 50s outfits.  I was shocked!  After all who would want to pay money for my pitiful stuff?  But I was convinced to put up for sale what I had already made and surprisingly it sold.  So I made more stuff and had spending money!!  Then we purchased an island.  Now it wasn’t spending money anymore it was income to cover the cost of our very expensive sandbox.  So gradually my store became a second job, and one that I did not enjoy.

To successfully run a business in SL requires a lot of time commitment, to successfully run a fashion business in SL requires ungodly amounts of time, constant releases (noooo its not at all true that fashion buyers have the memory span of a gnat) , heh the list goes on, I doubt you want to hear me whine about it.  There are so many talented designers in SL both established and upcoming that I felt I was always running last in a marathon and I just couldn’t keep up.  And on top of all that I really didn’t like the creation process.

So I decided that if I wanted to stay in SL I had to start enjoying it again.  And in order to do that I had to stop designing new clothes.  So I have. But I’m not going away, because there are so many things in SL I do love doing.  I enjoy building but I love texturing the builds my husband makes.  I love creating gardens and ponds/waterfalls. I love exploring.  I love fishing and hang-gliding and sky jumping and water slides!

I also discovered a love for digital scrapbooking when we held several weddings on the island. I thought I would hate making the wedding albums, but its an unbelievable amount of fun!

So I will be offering a scrapbooking service, this time I will get my spending money doing something I truly enjoy 🙂

I should put the obligatory sales pitch here – lol – but I’ll just settle for …  if you are interested in getting a scrapbook done check it out at SLX, onrez or shoot me an IM inworld 🙂

March 2, 2008

Finally something new!

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RL has been a right royal … well you know how that ends 🙂 So much has happened in my SL world that I have just been too busy to deal with and it sucks! A couple of positives that I have to tell you about first. I got blogged! Which is seriously cool, but I am a horrible horrible person and I didn’t thank Ryker 😦 So I’m making this my official, if somewhat late, thankyou ::blows kisses::

The next truly awesome news is that I won the lingerie category of the EFA design awards. Yeah me! And of course RL was so insane at that point I couldn’t even make the awards ceremony 😦

All this nasty RL stuff has also made it seriously difficult to release anything new. I had the following piece finished since before Christmas but have only just managed to get enough time to take photo’s etc recently. And it is only available at my main store until I can find more time somewhere to put it up on SLX etc.

This is something very much out of the norm for me, so hopefully I managed to pull it off 🙂

Starz is available in 9 colours and comes as a cute mini dress or you can wear it with the boy shorts as a really daring play suit!

Although I dislike the idea of making yet another sales pic just for this blog, I’m really starting to hate uploading alllll of the pictures now that I’m making so many different colours in my outfits. So here is the new picture look, its big, its really big 🙂 so I’m not sure if this is the way to go yet. But, here it is anyway, don’t forget to click on the little picture to view the goodness in all its big glory 😀


Oh and I’ve been playing on and off for a few months now with something completely not fashion in SL 🙂  SL is exotic art.  You can check it out here, be aware it contains pixelated nudity so probably NSFW.

December 11, 2007

Better late than never

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I had so much fun on my vacation and met some new friends that just had to come home with me. I, of course, use the term friends very loosely because the flu bugs that decided to call me home (and well overstayed their welcome) were anything but friendly. But I finally recovered from their presence (gotta love winter and flu season) and found enough energy to bring to life todays awesome release. It is also my entry to the EFA design awards so if you like what you see, vote with your wallet by visiting on-rez here or the on-rez vendor in my store.

I have called this set Airo and it is huge! 7 colours of goodness and every layer possible. Corset, g-string, boyshorts and stockings. Everything a girls needs for … well for whatever you desire 😀 I have thumb nailed the picture below because it is also rather large but do go ahead and click on it to see it in its full glory. I promise it is well worth the effort.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you … Airo


November 18, 2007

New release & vacations

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I will be on vacation from 11/19 till 11/25 so I wanted to get something out before I left. Its a casual sweatsuit, comes with the top on the jacket layer, pants and a tintable shirt. As usual the permissions are mod/trans and it comes in only 4 colours this time 🙂 In the pictures its extremely difficult to tell the difference between the black and the green (black is on the left) but inworld they cant be mistaken for each other, the green is quite….. green. I tried all kinds of different lighting when taking the pictures but could not get the green to stand out more 😦

While I’m on vacation I will be able to get to my email so I’ll be able to answer IMs but it wont be every day so please be patient if you send me an IM.

512tamileeblack.jpg 512tamileegreen.jpg

512tamileeblue.jpg 512tamileered.jpg

November 11, 2007


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In RL I have dozens and dozens of sweaters. They are so hard to wash and get dry in winter that I like to make sure I have enough. Naturally when the colder weather came around and I started making sweaters in SL … well I can’t just make one, even tho they are easier to clean in our virtual world 😀

So today’s offering is called Fever. It comes in 6 colours, is on the jacket layer and is mod/trans as usual.

512feverblue.jpg 512fevergreen.jpg

512fevergrey.jpg 512feverorange.jpg

512feverpink.jpg 512feverpurple.jpg

Remembrance Day

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This has nothing to do with fashion but our blogs reach a large number of people and so I hope my words can reach those that read this. I will not be putting in a cut because I want my words to be read.

I am writing this in the 11th hour of my current location. In my native country (Australia) the 11th day has come and gone again. The time difference makes it such I cannot remember those that lived and died for my country so many years ago, on the same day as everyone else. But here in the US they also observe that special 11th hour. It is called Armistice Day, but regardless of the name it means the same thing.

ANZAC Day for me is the chance to remember and honour all those soldiers who lost their lives fighting for their country in all the wars that we have been involved in. Regardless of the location and reason, Australians, proud of their country, proud of what we had done and who were were, answered the call and gave the ultimate sacrifice. Their lives.

Remembrance Day is not just a day to remember the end of a war. It is a day to remember and honour those soldiers who gave their life after the war was over. The signing of that incredibly important little piece of paper did not end the war for many of our soldiers who were still out in the field. It took weeks for all the fighting to stop and in that time our boys continued to die. There are those who say their deaths become meaningless because the war was over. I have grown old enough now to not react in anger to such words. Their deaths were not meaningless to those families they left behind, or to a country that sent them to fight for the freedom of people we would never know. Today is the day I honour those who gave their lives to save people we did not know even after the war was over.

Yes I come from a military family and yes these days effect me very strongly. But in this time we have many solders still in the field, still doing and giving what most of us could never dream of. On this day I remember them. On this day I pray that regardless of how the people at home, regardless of where home may be, feel about the wars we are fighting they also remember and appreciate what those men are doing. You may not agree with the reasons for the war, but please remember and honour those that do what you cannot, not just on two days a year, but always in your heart and minds.

Lest we forget.

November 10, 2007

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Last Call. You have my thoughts and my prayers.

picture copyright Briton Riviere

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