Skysuits? Why Skysuits?

This is pretty much a two part question. Why exactly did I call them Skysuits and not jump suits or sky diving suit or some other more sensible name? And the truly burning question….whatever possessed me to make skysuits in the first place!

Very early in our SL experience we had a skydiving area set up (”our” being my husband and myself. He is my partner in all things and SL is no different). We had so much fun playing at Cubey’s (ok ok its Abbotts Aerodrome but it will always be Cubey’s place to me) it just seemed like a good idea to buy our own setup. Not one to pay money for something I can make myself (it’s not called penny pinching!) it only stood to reason that I would make a range of suits.

Why call them Skysuits? Well you can thank my husband for that. It was his idea and I am NOT going to try and work out the male logic behind the suggestion.

These pictures are the originals I took when the skysuits were first made. Remember I did say it was very early in my SL career. Notice the lovely default skins )

I am in the process of retaking all of my pics but its going to be a long process so dont expect these to be updated any time soon. Clicking on the pics will show larger versions, if you feel the need to really check out the newbie look 🙂
blue.jpg gold.jpg
green.jpg pink.jpg

These following two were created on a white base so they could be colour customised to any preference.

blackcustom.jpg whitecustom.jpg


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