May 29, 2010

Wow two posts in one day!

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Thats definitely a record – lol.  I have been busy today and you reap the benefits!  I’ve had the cottage finished for some time and just havent had the chance to box it all up for sale but its ready now.  This beautiful cottage has a 33 x 17 foot print and uses 83 prims – 44 prims in the cottage itself and 39 in the garden.

Outside features include

  • animated bird bath
  • pergola
  • rose covered lattice

Inside features include
central controller for –

  • fireplace on/off
  • window shutters open/close
  • 2 wall colour options

It is only available on xStreetSL as a package including the cottage and garden ($L850) but you can get it at my store as just the cottage without the garden ($L500).  If you purchased the cottage a few weeks ago as a part of the 60L weekend sale I have also put out the garden alone to purchase ($L350).


And another

Posted in Home & Garden at 12:56 pm by Catt

Yup chime number 2!  At this rate I’ll have all my chimes replaced by ohhh … xmas sometime – lol.  These are the copper chimes and despite playing with sculpties I ended up using all prims.  The sculpts just didn’t work for me.  I like the slight  movement in the wind that flexi prims get and I couldn’t achieve this effect with sculpts.  So its a little prim heavy weighing in at 18 prims but well worth it I think 🙂

The new windchime is available at  my store and  xStreetSL.

May 23, 2010


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The first thing I ever created in SL was my range of windchimes.  I wanted to make something that was fun without killing your prim count.  But as time went by they got dated and it became time to start replacing them.  So its not 1 prim any more 🙂 but at 12 prims its not going to kill the prim budget (I hope!)  So the first remake is the bamboo windchimes.  Here’s hoping its just the start many more to come!

The new windchime is available at my store and  xStreetSL.