June 25, 2007

Give it to me baby….

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I have discovered that like most people I thrive on praise! Not the praise you get from friends or family, but from complete strangers who see/buy your outfits and say things like …

Perfect fit, very fine texture.
A piece of art. And that for only 125L$.

OMG I was having such a horrible day today and then I saw that on one of my swimsuits for sale on SLX. All of a sudden the day didn’t seem so bad 😀 Gotta love how easy it is to make designer deliriously happy – lol.

And now to, hopefully, share the joy with my customers 🙂 I’ve some new things for you today. As usual clicking on the little pics gives you such a better view when it displays all big like.

This lovely set comes with a lot of pieces, two sets of pants, the top comes with a scarf and without and is on the shirt & jacket layer. I originally made the top to go with the light linen pants but accidentally found it works so well with the pin-stripe pants I already had that I just had to include it.


And of course swimsuits. I just so love swimsuits at the moment and with this set I think I got a little carried away colour wise. Oh well gives you lots of choices .

512erosa.jpg 512erosb.jpg

512erosbu.jpg 512erosg.jpg

512eroso.jpg 512erosp.jpg

512erospi.jpg 512erosr.jpg



June 11, 2007

At the tone please leave a message … beeeeep

Posted in Admin at 4:07 pm by Catt

I am going on vacation. Sorta. My husband and I are moving to Montana so I have a week of house hunting to get through.  Actually it could be fun, I’m looking forward to it.

What that means is that I will be away from SL for a week and during that time I will not be reading email/IMs etc etc etc.  But you should still send one to me, if you need to.  It will go to email and I’ll read it when I get back. 

I have several outfits almost ready to go, just need some sales posters, but with all that been happening in RL I just haven’t had the time.  Now if I were at home I’d post a few sneak peeks but unfortunately for you the only time I could squash in to blog was at RL work 😦

So everyone have fun, don’t do anything I wouldn’t do (which of course gives you lots! of room to maneuver) and I’ll release more yummys when I get back.