July 20, 2008

More swimsuits

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Its going to be swimsuits for a while I think. I’m not going to move into itty bitty bikini’s, mostly I prefer to make something that provides more coverage 🙂 but today release is probably as close as I’ll get.

I was trying to create a slight vintage feel to the swimsuit, thus I choose 4 different retro look material patterns. The cut lends a slightly sporty feel to the suit as well. I rather like the look I managed to create with the prim ties on the bottoms, although it took me forever to find the right attachment points.

As usual its on all layers, and because of the layer options, I’ve again gone for the copy/mod perms set.


July 14, 2008

Quoth the raven, `Nevermore.’

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Bah what does a dumb bird know anyway 🙂 Yes, despite my earlier protestations I am again releasing new clothing. The reasons are many and totally not worth sharing, but it is your gain dear reader for the doors to the store are open and newness is rushing to the shelves.

To begin my return I have created a tankini set in honour of the damned hot weather we are currently getting RL. That and swimsuits have always been my favourites 🙂

So this little piece comes on every available layer, includes a black pair of boyshorts as well and is offered in 6 solid colours. Permissions are copy/mod and sells for only L$95!

October 6, 2007

It’s 5 O’clock somewhere

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The fashion feeds and new releases are filled with fashions for fall/winter and I’m making swimsuits. Go figure! lol

I was reminded while creating this set of the Jimmy Buffet song “It’s 5’oclock somewhere”, for somewhere in RL its summer and of course in SL it can be any season you want it! But calling a swimsuit “5’oclock somewhere” just didn’t work so I bring you instead the JB swimsuit 😀  Of course after I had this finished and named I discover that the song “It’s 5’oclock somewhere” is actually by Alan Jackson with Jimmy Buffet only having a few lines at the end of the song.  Ahh well, its still a good song and entirely applicable in this case I think 🙂

The swimsuit comes on both the undershirt/pants layer and the shirt/pants layer and I’ve decided to release this as copy/mod.  I think I’ll be releasing more with those mods as I have more and more outfits on multiple layers, then of course there’s the whole SL ate my inventory bug.

512jbblack.jpg 512jbblue.jpg

512jbgreen.jpg 512jbpurple.jpg

512jbrainbow.jpg 512jbred.jpg

July 4, 2007

It’s hot RL

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And I find myself wanting to wear cool clothes in SL as well. Weird. And to add to the weirdness because its so hot all I can think of to make is swimsuits. Yes, yes, I know I’ve been on a swimsuit kick recently. In fact I’ve outgrown the area I had allocated for swimsuits in the store and had to do a quick re-arrange. But I was going to work on something else today, I swear! I’ve enough swimsuits – time to move on. Bah, its too damned hot to move on! So you guessed it… two new swimsuits 🙂

I’ve always loved tie-dye. It’s not something that I wear a lot (at all) in RL, but I love the fact I can do anything I want with it in SL 😀 I’m actually really happy at how these turned out, although matching up the pattern ended up being a little more complex than I expected. As usual they come on every single layer possible.

512tie2.jpg 512tie1.jpg

June 25, 2007

Give it to me baby….

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I have discovered that like most people I thrive on praise! Not the praise you get from friends or family, but from complete strangers who see/buy your outfits and say things like …

Perfect fit, very fine texture.
A piece of art. And that for only 125L$.

OMG I was having such a horrible day today and then I saw that on one of my swimsuits for sale on SLX. All of a sudden the day didn’t seem so bad 😀 Gotta love how easy it is to make designer deliriously happy – lol.

And now to, hopefully, share the joy with my customers 🙂 I’ve some new things for you today. As usual clicking on the little pics gives you such a better view when it displays all big like.

This lovely set comes with a lot of pieces, two sets of pants, the top comes with a scarf and without and is on the shirt & jacket layer. I originally made the top to go with the light linen pants but accidentally found it works so well with the pin-stripe pants I already had that I just had to include it.


And of course swimsuits. I just so love swimsuits at the moment and with this set I think I got a little carried away colour wise. Oh well gives you lots of choices .

512erosa.jpg 512erosb.jpg

512erosbu.jpg 512erosg.jpg

512eroso.jpg 512erosp.jpg

512erospi.jpg 512erosr.jpg


May 28, 2007

More new goodness

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I’ve actually managed to be productive this weekend, wonders will never cease! And I have a few more things in production but decided to get out what I had already done so I wasn’t overwhelmed by the sales pics (which I may have mentioned takes almost as long as making the clothes!)

Anyway I’ve two new summer dresses. Yes they do use the system skirt, you know that isn’t a crime don’t you? 😀

First is Florence.


And Aura.


And of course I had to do a few more swimsuits, my life just wouldn’t be complete at the moment if I wasn’t creating swimsuits. Don’t ask, its just way to complicated :p

512green2t.jpg 512red2t.jpg

May 1, 2007

OMG a new release?!?!?

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I know shocking isn’t it! But its true. No honest, it is. I wouldn’t pull your leg like that! Wellll…. If I’d thought about it before hand maybe 🙂 but this once I’m not joking.

I am still on my swimsuit kick. I’m sure there is probably some deep dark psychological reason for it, but all I know is that’s what I feel like making. So that’s what you get 🙂

I wanted to take an old design and make it “different”, so I used some wild material patterns. At first I thought it was just horrid and have redone these a bazillion times. I’m reasonably happy with the final result but you, the buying public, make the final choice.

Both versions of the top comes with the package and they are available on every possible layer, including the jacket layer.  Why the jacket layer I hear you ask? (hush of course you were going to ask that!)  I have recently noticed that on some video cards, the shirt/pants layer and the undershirt/underpants layer does not *quite* meet.  This results in a very very thin line of skin visible between the two parts.  Most people will never notice and really its only visible when you zoom in. Being the perfectionist that I am I wanted to give the option to wear the jacket, and thus remove the line, if it was visible on your screen and you did want to remove it 🙂

So, here is the spring flowers range of swimsuits. I’m sure its probably common knowledge by now, but just in case you missed the memo, clicking on the pictures gives you great big clearer versions 🙂

512swimbbf.jpg 512swimbf.jpg

512swimpf.jpg 512swimrf.jpg

March 26, 2007

Its definitely that time of the year.

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After messing with the theme and deleting and recreating all the categories I think I have worked out the display posts by category issue, now all I have to do is decide on the new theme….. or perhaps go back to the old one. I don’t know right now 🙂

But for the real reason everyone is here……

Swimsuits are definitely the “popular” item at the moment and I almost feel as if I should be doing something else 😛 But I didn’t, so we have 4 new suits going up in the store tonight. I noticed that each theme treats the pics different so don’t forget each of these are actually thumbnails – do the clickty dance to see the bigger versions 🙂

512swimjb1.jpg 512swimjb.jpg

512swimjo.jpg 512swimjp.jpg

February 18, 2007

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So changing ones sleep schedule from working nights to working days is not as easy as it sounds! Ugg. Surprisingly it does wonderful things for the creative process. 😀 So instead of no releases like I expected I have three!

Given that its already Sunday I’ve decided to run a red spot sale for the entire week! This means that any of my items marked with a red spot will be 30% cheaper than normal!

First new release today is my take on the little black dress. Now I’ve said in the past and I’ll take the opportunity to repeat here 🙂 prims and I don’t play nice together. But I started thinking while working on this dress….. maybe I’m just too much of a perfectionist. Is the average buyer happy to have prims that don’t exactly match in colour, prims on dresses that come out of the butt instead of the waist, prims that fly up around your head when you walk! Black worked for me because it almost hides the prim location, but any other colour…. forget it, it looks horrible!

On that note ::laughs:: my little black dress.


I found the beginnings of a swimsuit design languishing on my hard drive that I decided just begged to be completed. And so it was, in 4 colours.

512blueswim.jpg 512greenswim.jpg

512orgswim.jpg 512pinkswim.jpg

I’ve teamed up with Skydive SL to produce their skydiving suits and added a few more to my line.

512bgbskysuit.jpg 512blackskysuit.jpg

512bpbskysuit.jpg 512brbskysuit.jpg

512pbpskysuit.jpg 512rwbskysuit.jpg