March 18, 2007

Sleepover parties

Posted in PJs at 3:06 pm by Catt

Remember sleepovers when you were a kid? Remember when PJs were supposed to be comfy rather than sexy? Well I have taken the essence of those memories (I hope!) and created the ultimate sleepover PJs 🙂

There is actually a lot to this set, and I really wasn’t able to show all the possible combinations in the sales poster. There are two top styles, a tank type and a full t-shirt look. There are two panties options, plain white and matching pattern. And of course there is the pants. The top button is missing and they just wont do up properly but they are too damned comfy to throw away 🙂

My favourite look is the pants with the white undies and t-shirt style top (although I haven’t decided which colour I like best yet, pink or yellow) but different combinations will work for different people.

Here is my favourite look. Don’t forget each of these pics can be made larger by clicking on em 🙂


And here are the sales posters.

512sleepyellow.jpg 512sleeppink.jpg 512sleepwhite.jpg