October 31, 2006

Now available

Posted in Casual Wear at 9:34 pm by Catt

Just a quick note to let everyone know that Hot Apple Cider & Martini Grove are now available in the store


October 30, 2006

Probably wont be up till tomorrow….

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but you lucky viewers, and yes I know you are out there somewhere, get to see a preview tonight! I have 2 new pieces going up probably tomorrow night, Hot Apple Cider and Martini Grove.

512cider.jpg 512martinit.jpg

I have also created a few alts. Shocking isnt it! However it is for a good cause. They spend all day in my store standing on pose stands as maniquin’s. Problem I’ve always had is that the pictures of clothing never actually matches what you buy. So these georgous alts wear my new releases for people to actually see what they are buying. Smart huh? 😀

I’m also working on a new section of my store, called “separates”. Some of my outfits, like the two new releases, can be worn or sold as separate pieces. So I decided to offer them that way. Like the pants but hate the sweater….well just buy the pants!

Also in the works is setting up separate vendors for all of my outfits with copy/mod permissions. At the moment everything I sell is mod/trans, but I know some people prefer to buy as copy/mod and I want to give them that option. It’ll be a while though because its no small job, but its going…and going…and going…ahh well who needs sleep anyway.

October 28, 2006

To be rich or to be true

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Ciera from Vitamin Ci writes in her blog that she had found herself falling into the trap of making her clothing to suit the larger audience rather than being true to her original vision for her line. Her comments struck a cord with me as well. There is no denying that slutwear sells best. The shorter the skirt & top, the lower the pants, the better it sells. Strange as it may seem, the less material the more you can charge.

There have been times when the rent for the island comes due when I wonder why I am sticking to my principles. Why should I not make slutwear and cover my costs? Hell is it such a crime to make a profit?!?!? And yes some of my line is slutwear, there is no doubt about that. But I like to think that my lastest work, my best work so far, has not strayed down that profit for profit sake path.

Covering the rent would be nice, making a profit would be even nicer, but just seeing ppl like my clothing is the reward I’m after. My clothing. Not whats popular but what I make. This is why I design.

Some days its hard, some days its tempting to say “what the hell” and just make the damned stuff. But I hope to be able to stay true to my design style. Time will tell, and hey, it may even end up being profitable if I’m lucky!

October 21, 2006

Lets try men again :)

Posted in Men's Wear at 6:06 pm by Catt

And now you can take your mind out of the gutter. I am of course talking about mens clothing. I decided it was time to try making something for those poor under-dressed men in our second lives. I called this ensumble “safari” based on the colours I chose for the shirts. I’m relatively pleased with how well they turned out, especially considering how much trouble I have fitting clothing to the male frame.

I chose to sell them in three packs. If there is enough demand I will sell them as individual pieces but at the moment you can buy them either with the light khaki’s and all 4 shirts, with the dark khaki’s and of course with all 4 shirts, or a pack with everything!  Clicking on the pictures will of course show a larger picture for closer viewing 🙂



October 14, 2006

I’m on a roll this weekend

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Gotta love 3 day weekends – lol. Todays offering is another piece of lingerie. I wanted to make something that was little more “casual everyday” rather then the standard omg sex! type lingerie 🙂512cutie.jpg

Click pic to see a bigger view. Hey it even rhymed.

October 13, 2006

Say what?

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yes its true, I made something not only with prims in it but ::gasp:: flexi prims! And to my utter amazement it actually turned out rather well. Truth be told tho, it wasnt what I was planning to make, but ummm I couldnt make what I wanted to work and this did, so here you go 🙂 I dont think I’m going to become the next big prim dress queen, but I might be able to do a few more and they do say practice makes perfect.

Still prims dont like me and I dont like prims, so I think the fashion leaders are quite safe from my little attempts.

Oh, I suppose you actually want to know what it was I made then? ::grins:: I made silks! Yes, Yes, you can stop groaning now. Just look at the pics and be wowed 🙂  As usual clicking on the little pictures will give you big pictures, neat the way that works huh.

512tiedblack.jpg 512tiedblue.jpg

512tiedgreen.jpg 512tiedpurp.jpg

512tiedred.jpg 512tiedwhite.jpg

October 6, 2006

Static pages, links and “stuff”

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I’ve finished the framwork on all the static pages for this site, most of them lack images but I’m working on it 🙂  It is not as easy using a 3rd party host site as owning your own server.  It is amazing how much easier it is to drag images from one directory to another as compared to actually having to upload each and every one of them.  Ahh well.

I’ve added another link as well to the Vida Magnifica blog.  You remember Vida Magnifica, I posted about it a bit ago (points down), the fashion show.  The one I was in?  Remember?  🙂

Well the show itself was a wonderful success.  At the last minute Sammy asked me if I could help out by simulcasting the mc in chat, just in case someone had to turn off their sound for lag reasons.  So I didnt actually get to smooze with the other designers and take pics and stuff, but I still had a lot of fun.  Maybe I can weedle my way into the next one.

Weekend coming up, get to make more “stuff”, cant wait!

October 4, 2006

Something new

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So I gave up on the swimsuits.  I have a very distinct look in my mind that I am after but I just couldnt get it right in world. So I took a break away from that and worked on something new, I’ll come back to it again sometime soon I’m sure.


Just released today is this classy sweater dress and jacket ensemble I have chosen to call Elizabeth!

I have always hated the stick-to-the-butt look of the jacket layer so this little piece has been created on the skirt & top layer. It does mean they cannot be worn as separate elements unfortunately but they work so well together. The skirt is short! so I have included a matching g-string as “glitch pants” <grins>

Although not shown in this picture (I need to get some more together so you can see it all but it is getting late tonight), there are 3 top variations, one with the clasp just below the breasts, one at the neck and one without any clasp at all.