Casual Wear

Whenever I sit down to design something I am working from an idea in my head or, more often than not, something I have seen on the web. I do not photosource, so even when working from a picture my items are never identical to some “original”. All of the early items in my casual wear range started out as an idea in my head that morphed to… well the final result, and not what I actually wanted ) But these days I seem to be designing more and more in the casual range.

As always clicking on one of the pictures will display a larger, better quality image.

As I create new items they will be inserted at the top of the page here, so the pictures will always go from newest down to oldest.

Like these 🙂

512clouds.jpg 512fall.jpg
512sky.jpg 512series.jpg

This next set started from the brown pants, which I was just going to make as an individual piece, then a friend of mine said it needed a sweater, then she had the audasity to ask for it in olive! lol So you get the benefit of both 🙂

512martinit.jpg 512cider.jpg

Rose is such an unsual colour in linen so when I saw it on a fabric site I just knew I had to make something with it ::laughs:: and thus was born Purple Haze.


I found the shorts to this outfit sitting on my hard drive. I had started it months and months ago and then completely dropped it for some reason. Probably forgot about it. So I finished the outfit with a cute little top and some longer pants and ended up with this cute little tracksuit number.

Summer Breezes were designed specifically for the casual line…..simply because I wanted to!

Initally I had the cheongsam classified under what was once Evening Wear but when I changed that to Club Wear, I thought that they needed to be somewhere else. After all very few people actually wear cheongsam’s clubbing ) So now they live here.

The sweaters were initially intended for a male audience but they just looked so bad on the men and soooo much better on the women, well you get the idea.

There is a red version as well but I dont have the pictures up for it yet.

Believe it or not the swimsuits came out of an idea I was playing with for Gorean silks. No idea how I got from there to here – lol.

And last but not least



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