March 26, 2007

Its definitely that time of the year.

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After messing with the theme and deleting and recreating all the categories I think I have worked out the display posts by category issue, now all I have to do is decide on the new theme….. or perhaps go back to the old one. I don’t know right now 🙂

But for the real reason everyone is here……

Swimsuits are definitely the “popular” item at the moment and I almost feel as if I should be doing something else 😛 But I didn’t, so we have 4 new suits going up in the store tonight. I noticed that each theme treats the pics different so don’t forget each of these are actually thumbnails – do the clickty dance to see the bigger versions 🙂

512swimjb1.jpg 512swimjb.jpg

512swimjo.jpg 512swimjp.jpg


March 23, 2007

Blog management “stuff”

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So I noticed today that my % used of available space is starting to get a little high. So seems like I’m running out of space on the blog.  Something must be done!

I was looking at what could be cleaned out (or not 🙂 ) and I realised that I had never actually finished the clothing category pages I had started out with.  So those can go!  And some of them have a chunkload of pictures which I can delete as well. Or I could just host the pictures elsewhere and modify these pages so that I still have the information and the space.  oh the agony of decision.

The reason why I havent done either is that I also noticed that the category links don’t seem to be working, you know the ones that are supposed to display only those posts tagged with a category?  Clicking on the category is not supposed to show every post I made.  ::grumbles:: Who knew blogging could be so complicated.

I have no doubt you are much more interested in a new release than my blogging problems, so let me just say that I do have some swimsuits and some bangles coming out this weekend, but in the meantime……. how do I make this stoopid category stuff work??

It is coming into spring you know, and it is time to do some spring cleaning and I really don’t want to run out of space on my blog and….. and you really don’t care.  But that’s ok 🙂  I’ll work it out.  But if you do have experience with wordpress blogs let me know… I’d appreciate some suggestions.

March 18, 2007

Sleepover parties

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Remember sleepovers when you were a kid? Remember when PJs were supposed to be comfy rather than sexy? Well I have taken the essence of those memories (I hope!) and created the ultimate sleepover PJs 🙂

There is actually a lot to this set, and I really wasn’t able to show all the possible combinations in the sales poster. There are two top styles, a tank type and a full t-shirt look. There are two panties options, plain white and matching pattern. And of course there is the pants. The top button is missing and they just wont do up properly but they are too damned comfy to throw away 🙂

My favourite look is the pants with the white undies and t-shirt style top (although I haven’t decided which colour I like best yet, pink or yellow) but different combinations will work for different people.

Here is my favourite look. Don’t forget each of these pics can be made larger by clicking on em 🙂


And here are the sales posters.

512sleepyellow.jpg 512sleeppink.jpg 512sleepwhite.jpg

March 11, 2007


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So I’m working on a piece that started out as a new swimsuit design and I decided that it was wayyyy to cool and needed to be a dress, then I thought of those prims and changed my mind again and decided pants suit!

Then I couldn’t decide what type of material I wanted, spent hours trying different designs. Finally gave up in disgust and decided that it was going to be a swimsuit – lol.

In amongst the indecision I decided to take a break and make something less confusing 🙂 With St Paddy’s around the corner I decided to go with green and thus was born Wild Lime.


Yes its the system dress but I’ve included a little notecard that describes how to change your shape so that you don’t end up with the huge butt from hell 🙂

Edit:-I actually gave a copy of this dress to the fashion consolidated group as a freebie and it just occurred to me that I didn’t include the notecard in that box.  So if you want a copy of the notecard – give me a yell 🙂

March 4, 2007

Is the agony over yet?

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 So, I finished it. The dress looks nothing like what I wanted, but it works. I’m actually still working on the prims a little so this is more of a preview than a release. I thought I had it done and was celebrating the end of the devil prims when the friends I had sent preview copies to gently tapped me on the shoulder and pointed out the odd one or two problems.

So I’m working on it, and I’m hoping that it will be released this evening. But just in case, here is your preview 🙂 oh and if you click on the thumbnail to see the bigger picture just be aware its a much bigger picture ::whispers:: 1024×512, it ain’t small!


Edit:  Its uppp, have at it 🙂

March 2, 2007

The devil wears prims

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So I was working on this new dress last weekend, and as I was working I decided it was going to be OMG drop dead gorgeous! You just get that feeling sometimes, ya know? Sure it was going to need some primage to become what my minds eye could see, but hey I’ve had some recent success with prims and it’d be cool, right?. After all I knew exactly what shape prims I wanted to use and how I wanted it to look.

Argggggggggggg! So, so not cool, prims are the spawn of the devil, there will. be. no. more. prims!! ::wimpers::

So now I am in a creative slump. I’ve made some beach towels which are now available in my main store (yes yes I know they are prims, but they are simple flat prims with creative textures on them, these are not vindicitve soul sucking prims!) .

In my saner moments, shhh I have them! In my saner moments I wonder why I’m having so much trouble with these things. After all I’ve been in SL long enough to know how prims work. I’ve made furniture, I even just finished making a kitchen for one of our prefabs. And yet clothing prims……..devil spawn I tell you!

Ahh well, its still on my hard drive….maybe one day.

But it might take me a bit to recover from the primage trauma and get back into the swing of things.